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Exclusive interview with HSN designer Hal Rubenstein

Hal Rubenstein for HSN
Hal Rubenstein for HSN
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Hal Rubenstein has a namesake clothing, accessories and footwear line on HSN. Today on Feb. 16, is excited to share our exclusive interview with Hal, which took place at HSN's Fashion Week Lounge at the Empire Hotel. Rubenstein’s collection features watercolor tones on suede jackets, shift dresses in bold colors, and stunning floral print pieces. The collection may be in season now, but we feel the pieces are timeless staples. The simple shapes and lines of the designs are created to help enhance a woman’s curves and natural beauty, which is a trend that will never go out of style. The bold floral orchid print reminds us of impressionism art. Everyone should have some Hal Rubenstein in their closets!

So what inspired you to make this collection?

Spring should make people happy, everyone wears black and it's bummy and it takes forever and makes everyone sad. Wear some colors in the wintertime and wear colors that make it seems like nature is being reborn and color in spring is about awakening.

Can you speak about the florals?

I have a minimal floral and I have a super graphic orchid print. I like to play with the flowers, I use it for the reason of design, not a literal version of a floral.

What would be the most important message that you would want to convey with your collection?

Clothes should make you happy. Clothes should make you proud of yourself, when you walk out of the door. Clothes are designed in such a way to accentuate peoples' bodies. I don’t like it when women get older and they just cover their bodies, you should show yourself off, you should be proud of yourself. These clothes are designed to accentuate your waist, and smooth out your hips, or make you look taller, rounder, or whatever you want. The point is to not hide, use the clothes to enhance.

I see that some of your pieces are staples, do you think that these pieces are going to carry over seasons and possibly years?

I don’t believe in anything for one season, the suede jacket is for good, that trench is forever, this leather blazer is forever, this leather jacket is new and it's fresh, but it's never going to go out of season. You have a shell like this that is going to fit you beautifully, we’re also doing this in the fall, but in different colors, it’s a simple shift, but just enough sexy, but still classic and simple.

How would you define your fit?

I design true sizes, we don’t change sizes, I’m not playing with sizes.

Vivian Chen contributed reporting.

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