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Exclusive interview with 'Hit The Floor' star Jonathan McDaniel

Jonathan McDaniel plays German on the hit VH1 series "Hit The Floor." The season two finale left fans with a major cliffhanger when it was revealed that German is Olivia's killer. Talk about unexpected! Examiner had the opportunity to speak with Jonathan about his role on the series as well as other projects he is working on and suffice it to say that he is one busy man. Check out the interview to see what Jonathan had to say.

Jonathan McDaniel has been acting and rapping for roughly 15 years now. His breakout role in "Hit The Floor" has catapulted this Hollywood veteran to superstar status.
Used with permission from Livio Harris/Who's Harris Entertainment

The final scene on "Hit The Floor" was shocking to say the least. Jonathan gave his thoughts on being involved in the season cliffhanger that will have us all on the edge of our seats until season three. "It was a great scene to be able to shoot. I didnt know until the last minute because of the secrecy that VH1 wanted to keep for the show. I kind of assumed that if it was me, that there would be some particular reason why. And it would have to do with the reason why me and Ahsha got back together."

The cast of "Hit The Floor" is full of stars and veteran actors including Dean Cain, Rick Fox and Kimberly Elise. When asked about his time working alongside some big Hollywood names, Jonathan said "There are some great people I've had a chance to work with on the show. Dean Cain has been a great mentor. Kimberly Elise has also been a great mentor.

It was recently reported that "Hit The Floor" has been picked up by VH1 for a third season. Jonathan said, "I'm so excited to come back third season, It's going to be amazing." And amazing is what we expect the way the season two finale went down.

As we said, Jonathan McDaniels is a very busy man. In addition to his lead role on "Hit The Floor," he is also working on a few movies. He is currently filming "My Many Sons" in Nashville and has two movies yet to be released with "Kill Point" and "The Next Dance."

As if that wasn't enough to make a normal person tired, Jonathan is also still putting out music. Fans may not know that Jonathan McDaniel used to go by the stage name Lil' J and he's put out a bit of music. Now going by his full name, he has recently released a single featuring Bobby Luv called "Like Me." It's a catchy club song that is definitely worth a listen. Jonathan's new music is available for download on iTunes.

Despite having all that going on, I asked Jonathan what he likes to do with his down time. He didn't even miss a beat when he told me, "I try to spend all my extra time with my 1-year-old daughter. I really enjoy being a father."

With movies, television, music and fatherhood on his plate, it's amazing that Jonathan has time for it all. The rapper/singer/actor is making huge moves right now in Hollywood and the exposure from playing such a huge role in VH1's number one rated scripted series "Hit The Floor" is only going to give him a bigger spotlight. Watch out for Jonathan McDaniel in his upcoming movie roles as well as the confirmed third season of "Hit The Floor."

Be sure to flip through the slide show for some known and unknown facts about Jonathan McDaniel. He is currently on location in Nashville for the filming of "My Many Sons."

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