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Exclusive interview with former adult star CoCo Brown

Coco Brown attends a VIP dinner hosted by Sibrena Stowe-Geraldino
Steve Mack/Getty Images

CoCo Brown is a former adult star who has interests and opportunities in the television, music, and even space industries since returning to the United States from Germany. She refuses to be placed in a box, and is navigating her journey with an open mind and heart. In an exclusive interview with, CoCo discussed her current projects, upcoming trip to outer space, her budding DJ'ing career, and more.

EXAMINER.COM: You no longer participate in adult films, but are you still involved in the industry through party hosting or conventions?

COCO BROWN: Well I’ve gone to a couple of conventions but as far as being directly involved with the industry, no I’m not.

I just don’t really have a big interest in always being in something... I just really have nothing to really do with that industry anymore.

The last time I went to a convention was maybe about two years ago almost, or last year... maybe the one in Berlin, that was the last one I went to, and it just was not as fun as it used to be. The fairs are smaller and it’s less people.

What challenges have you faced since leaving the industry?

Well actually I haven’t really had any challenges. I’ve been pretty lucky and it’s never really been a problem for me. I guess I hear [that] here in America, a lot of girls say that they have problems and things like that, or maybe they are discriminated against somehow for being in the industry. But in Europe it’s different... They liked me [laughs]; I never had any problems.

How long have you been back in the states and do you think you’ll stay in New York?

Actually I’ve been off and on here for about the last seven months.

Permanently in New York... that I can’t say. I can’t say I’m going to really be permanently anywhere at this point in my life. I just kind of go with what makes me happy at that moment and what I find interesting. If the city is interesting, if the people are ok, then I’m ok for that time being [laughs].

Did you seek out the opportunity to go on a space trip or were you approached about it?

Actually I got approached for it. Just by mistake I got invited to a party in Berlin, then the people were announcing that they were doing space flights – which was kind of shocking because it was a party only for 12 people, I got invited at the last minute, I had no clue what was going on [laughs]. They gave me the opportunity to want to do something like that.

Tell me about the trip and the preparation for it.

Well the whole trip takes about an hour, an hour and a half... Just go there and come right back and I have to do training for that.

One of the [types of training] is how my body will be maneuvered in space, how to maneuver myself around and the different types of G-forces, and that would be also some of the training. Pretty much all of the different types of training – it doesn’t matter if it’s on an airplane or a simulator or any kind of zero G thing – it’s just for us to get used to the different types of gravity pressures, or what possibly could happen while we’re up there because it is only two people on the shuttle—myself and the pilot.

Do you plan to film the experience and have you decided what you’re going to do during the trip?

There are cameras there but I’m sure I’m going to be able to do whatever I want also. We haven’t gotten that far to talk about that, but we have been assured that there’s lots of media, press, and cameras that are there. As far as what we bring ourselves, we can do that I’m sure, it just has to be cleared. Everything has to be cleared.

When is the trip?

March 2015. It’s like March 22nd, something like that.

Are you able to discuss what you’re working on in the television industry?

At the moment I’m working with a reality TV producer out of Los Angeles. He’s doing very well but we’re trying to get everything together as far as the cast and the people for the show. So far everything seems to be going well. He has constant communication with me since I’m the one with the... I guess you can say the creative rights to the show. I have to always be asked my opinion or asked, ‘Hey, are we ok with this? Do we want to use these people or not?’ Or they’ll say, ‘That [person] doesn’t really match with you.’

I’m not really into so much reality television, so I’m being kind of thrown into like everything else that happens with me.

There’s quite a few different networks that want to have something involved with me for this but, as I said, I was told that depending on my cast, [that will determine] the network that will pick it [up], and depending on how I choose to come across.

Where are you at with you DJ’ing career?

I’m already done with all of my training. I started from scratch, I knew nothing, but at this point I’m already set. I can perform tomorrow, but I had to get to that point where I felt ok about it. It took me about three months and lots, and lots, and lots of practice. I don’t want to be an iPod DJ only. I actually want to be respected for trying to actually understand the craft of the industry. I don’t want to disrespect it.

Do you have a specific career goal?

Well for my whole life, everything I’ve done, I’ve done. And I consider it all to be a career considering I’ve put hard work and effort into it, and I always do my best at it [whether] it was music, or exotic entertainment, or even being a stripper. I was really good at all of them.

I already have a task for myself, which I know is to be better then what I did and what I was last year. I know everyone tries to stay committed to just one thing with their life—I don’t really think that’s necessary. I just believe that no matter what it is that you do with yourself, as long as you’re dedicated to it, and you try your best, and someone will recognize.


For more information on CoCo Brown, visit, and follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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