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Exclusive: Interview with congressional candidate Scott Neuman

Scott Neuman
Scott Neuman

2014 is an election year in New Jersey, and is sitting down with some of the candidates for key races so that the voters will be able to make informed decisions. The next in this series is an congressional candidate Scott Neuman, the Democratic-Republican Party nominee for New Jersey’s Fourth Congressional District.

We spoke with Neuman regarding his run for the United States Congress. The interview was conducting via email, with the candidate replying to all questions in writing and in his own words.

Why are you running for office?

There are a dearth of good people that want to run for office. Running for office in my opinion should be required, much like jury duty. The two party system isn’t working anymore and is designed to block out any other candidate from successfully running for office by raising the cost of running to levels only millionaires can afford. I’ve been asked to run by good people that are as tired of the shenanigans that both parties pull as I am. Both parties are destroying America by accepting as fact that Pay for Play isn’t an issue. I’ve signed a pledge that requires that if I’m elected to the House of Representatives and a backer gives me money and I sit on a committee that would directly affect that backers business, I have to excuse myself from the design of those bills. There is only one other elected official in the country that has signed the “Change The Rules Pledge” but if a politician won’t sign that pledge, we think the taxpayers and voters should have that piece of information. We don’t need a new amendment to stop big money from destroying our country, we just need to Change the Rules. When I’m in Congress in 2015. I’ll be fighting to get crazy big money out of Congress by using the new rules. A new amendment is just not needed and will take forever. Get enough Representatives in the house that feel like I do (And I’ve got five running with me to start) and we can change the country financially for the better.

In addition, the very fact that our President, Vice President and House Speaker Boehner have done everything possible to block the application of the Ratified Congressional Apportionment Amendment, the last remaining amendment from the Bill of Rights by not promulgated this final Amendment to Congress, should drive every American right out of their minds. People have issues with many of the laws not being followed by our elected officials. All of which swore an oath to do the same. I’m standing for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights because Rep. Chris Smith, who knows about the amendment being ratified (and New Jersey was the first state to vote for the Bill of Rights), refuses to fight for it. If Chris Smith won’t fight for the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, New Jersey doesn’t need him anymore. The CAA amendment gives better government by giving better representation and removes Gerrymandering from our districts. Who wouldn’t want that for their districts? I do, I know that.

What are your qualifications?

I’m qualified to run for the House of Representatives per the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I’d be an effective Congressman based on my years of running large businesses as President and Vice President. My company was a Gold Certified Partner with Microsoft. Getting kissed by Microsoft says a lot about a person and his company. In addition, I’m empathic to the needs of my district. In some of my businesses, my customers ranked me in the top percentile in what I did out of hundreds of other people. I got those CSI ratings because I listened and I solved problems. Complaints are just problems that haven’t been solved yet. In addition, I’ve lived and working in New Jersey for most of my life and I’ve lived in my district for over 25 years. Rep Chris Smith isn’t in touch with the needs of his district and hasn’t lived in New Jersey for over a decade. I define living in a district as spending more than 50% of your time in that district. Some years Chris Smith spends less than one month total and owns a home in Virginia. In addition, My understanding is that Rep Chris Smith has a 95% percent failure rating in Congress and a Congress that 6% of the people feel should be changed finally. It’s time he retire and let someone else have a chance to do a better job. I’m prepared to try and do a better job. Since I won’t be taking any pay for play money. I’ll be a better choice to protect Taxpayers money than anyone else running in the 4th CD. New Jersey.

Third party candidates have a reputation for being spoilers for the two major parties. Do you agree with this assessment? Why do you think that you have a better chance than past third party candidates?

As far as New Jersey goes, I’m a middle of the road moderate. Chris Smith is as far right as you can go. People get hurt with some of Chris Smith votes and he votes like a person in a cult. The Dem’s and the GOP are no longer primary parties in 2014 (LaVergne vs Lonegan 2013) Neither party has 10% of the registered voters of their parties voting in their party primaries and New Jersey law requires that they be decertified as a primary party because of the 10% threshold. That didn’t stop LT. Governor Kim Guadagno from, as today knowingly and falsely signed off on party certification paperwork that says just the opposite of what is reality and by doing so, breaks Federal and state election laws. There is a 1% possibility she didn’t know what she was signed was false but then that makes her incompetent to hold the top office of our state and she was sued and she lost on the same subject in 2013. Am I a spoiler? I’m not a spoiler, I’m the winner for the taxpayers and citizens of my district. 21 County Clerks have reached out to the Lt. Governor asking when they structure the ballots for 2014, who will protect them from a Rico and Hatch act violation for breaking Federal and State Laws. Because of the decertification of both parties, I could be in Column One of the Ballot come November with my running mates Eugene LaVergne for Senate and Tracy Caprioni for Ocean County Freeholder. We have a party line and the Democratic-Republican Party of New Jersey is the only party standing up for what is right. What is right never changes. Who is wrong for New Jersey can be changed.

Same-sex marriage appears to be heading toward legalization in most states. If elected, how will you ensure that the LGBTQ community will gain equal rights?

I fully believe we all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of our personal happiness. If what you do hurts no one else, I believe the Government has no place make a regulation against it. The Government seems to be getting involved and spying on all of us. That needs to stop and stop as soon as possible. Of course, I’ll stand as a Representative for everyone in my district.

What is your opinion on oil fracking? Do you have any environmental concerns about it?

Living in New Jersey, the potential and real poisoning of my districts water tables are under attack with our Governor taking amazing steps to remove environmentalists from panels and placing pay for play replacements to vote in a manner that won’t protect the Pine Barrens from development. Imagine putting an oil tank in your living room. Who does that? Our Governor does and Chris Smith and John Runyon do nothing but stand there and look stupid about it because it’s party time at the Taxpayers expense. That’s what is happening in New Jersey. Big money may win again but only by breaking laws. I can see oil fracking and off shore oil wells coming to New Jersey. Both of which would be horrible for our environment. Look to Colorado to see how much waste from Fracking gets dumped. Look to other states that have lost their water tables to fracking. Since I won’t be part of the Pay for Play group, I’ll be watching out for the largest aquifer in New Jersey along with Frederick LaVergne who is running in the district directly below me.

Do you support an increase in alternative forms of energy, including green energy such as solar and wind? If so, how would you support them if elected? If not, why not?

How any any person decline to get free energy?? There are entire countries running solar. The times are changing and using Solar, Wind and Sea tides methods to generate power is here and now.

Do you support the legalization of marijuana? Do you believe that the legalization has been a good thing overall in areas where it has been done? Do you have any any lasting concerns about the regulatory and safety of marijuana? Do you think that the legalization of marijuana will lead to other drugs becoming more acceptable?

Cannabis is a simple plant with amazing properties. There are a number of plants that do amazing things for us as humans. We have to relearn what is good for us and what isn’t good for us but it’s up to you to learn that and not have the Government shove it down your throat like you’re a little baby. As we’ve seen in other states, how a simple plant got banned was more to do with racism and control of a people than anything else. Here we are 100 years later and our prisons are loaded with first time users, our courts are overflowing and taxpayers are on the hook for what is a plant that our founding fathers used for pleasure and for business. It’s time for a change that will benefit all of us. I’ve felt this way for 35 years.

What is your opinion on gun rights? Would you support any further gun control legislation, or the repeal of any existing laws? If not, how would you attempt to prevent tragedies such as the Aurora theater shooting?

Crazy is as crazy does. You can’t stop crazy people from hurting others. Arming others is one way to lessen the impact of someone goes off the rails. The 4th Amendment of the Bill of Rights clearly states who can own guns. (Yes, there are three amendments in front of the Right to bear Arms amendment. Visit this site if you want more information on why I say that. I run the site and I’m an expert on the subject with Eugene LaVergne and Frederick LaVergne.

What, if anything, will you do in order to make the Affordable Care Act more palatable to your constituents?

In New Jersey, There are winners and losers. In New Jersey, families had their premiums reduced by 30% over what they had without the ACA insurance pool. The biggest problem with the ACA was the drop point where tax credits are not offered. A family of four loses their full tax credit that amounts to thousands of dollars at about $93000 dollars. By earning $1.00 less than the cut off, they keep the entire tax credit. It’s a huge hit. In New Jersey, a family of four will have a tough time just getting by on that amount of money. That same money can be lived on in other states. So you have two problem. Equity between the states and what buys what, and the cut off for tax credits isn’t graduated. I’d like to see that change. If you’ll remember, $250,000 was a big number for our President. In New Jersey, $93,000 is a big number in the real world.

Do you support school choice in the form of vouchers? If so, do you have a plan for how to enact such programs while in office? If not, how will you improve our schools?

As a Congressman, I believe this is a state matter and not a Federal issue. As for my districts, I dislike Charter schools and feel that public taxpayer money has no business going towards running a private school that sucks kids out of public schools because the parents can afford better and are incentivized to do so with Taxpayer money. I have no issues with parents paying for private schools. Just not on the backs of New Jersey taxpayers.

Do you support an increase in the minimum wage?

I support a fair and reasonable wage that makes sure people aren’t living in their cars and on the streets when working 40 hours a week. As I mentioned before, New Jersey isn’t the typical state when it comes to wages and I’d like to see an adjustment. I don’t feel that way about other states where the cost of living is much much lower.

How would you handle the current immigration crisis? Do you think that your state should do more to stem the tide of illegal immigration?

I know people that are here in this country on visas that want to be American Citizens. We are a nation of laws and there are pathways to becoming a tax paying citizen. If you aren’t willing to be a taxpaying citizen, it’s time to leave or be deported. There is no serious effort to close our borders in the south or the north. Both are porous and needs to change. I don’t see our President or both parties creating any real change on this matter and any money they have thrown at the issue seems to have gone into a pay for play scheme.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

As far as New Jersey goes, The Democratic-Republican Party of New Jersey and I want a number of laws changed that will reduce corruption in New Jersey, put political patronage out to pasture and reduce the debt New Jersey taxpayers are saddled with. My word has always been my bond. As I stated before, What is Right never changes. Who is Wrong can be changed.

Lastly, My party is standing for all the amendment of the Bill of Rights. If you think the Bill of Rights only had 10 amendments, you would be wrong. The most important one was the first one, not free speech but Representation for your tax dollars. The Congressional Apportionment Amendment is ratified with 80% of the states voting for it and it now needs to be given to Congress to be followed. You want a spoiler. You got it. This amendment destroys Gerrymandering and removes big money from elections. I’m sure 100% of us want this amendment but since it’s not taught in any school I know of, no one knows it exist but since there 12 Amendments in the Bill of Rights per the US Archives that displays the true 12 amendments of the Bill of Rights and anyone can look it if they so desire, it must be true.

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