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Exclusive interview with Christian movie producer De Miller

Tracy Goode and De Miller
Tracy Goode and De Miller on the set of The Diner ©D.P. Clarke

Today in Clermont, Fla., caught up with De Miller on a set of The Diner, his latest effort in the Christian film genre starring Wade Williams and Kibwe Dorsey. De agreed to talk with us, not about the movie, but why he makes them.

Examiner: When did you discover your passion for acting and movie production?

De: The Lord always prepares us for a time such as this in anything we do in our life, so, whatever the Lord’s having you do don’t question it, just do it, ‘cause He’s got a plan for it. I made some movies back in the mid ‘90s. They were just comedy, they had no value, weren’t bad movies or bad stories or anything. Then I hadn’t done anything, and then I got saved in 2008, and the Lord said, “I prepared you back then.” So, fifteen years later, I found myself doing movies that made a difference that mattered.

Examiner: And when did you feel you were called of the Lord to do this?

De: The gentleman that we had here today, Tracy Goode, actually started the movie ministry at the Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga. I think everybody’s familiar with the Sherwood Baptist movies and what they’ve done. They’ve inspired a whole generation of film makers to do faith based movies, and they inspired me as well. I said, “You know what, if a church in Georgia can do that, I can do it.”

Examiner: You’ve made some shorts, is The Diner going to be a full-length movie? Tell us about The Diner project.

De: Yes, it’s a full-length feature. My background is in the newspaper business, I’m a journalist and so I’ve been always naturally inquisitive and wanting to know why things are. And that’s carried over into what I’m doing now and my examination of faith. It’s a question that I hear believers and nonbelievers all the time say, “If God is all so powerful, why does God let bad things happen at all?” Some people say why does He let bad things happen to good people. The big question is why does He let bad things happen at all. So I said, you know, I’m gonna take a look at that. And the Lord put this script in my computer and we’re gonna take a look at it.

Examiner: To Christian’s who’ve got dreams, what would you say about how to fulfill them?

De: To be fulfillable, it has to be a dream that has a good purpose and that will glorify the Lord, whether you want to say that out loud or not. Then it has to be something that you’re passionate about. If you have those three things, then it’s just a matter of time to achieve those if you don’t give up….First be passionate about whatever your dream is. Secondly, make sure it’s a good purpose. And, make sure that God would smile down on it.

For information on De Miller’s movies, go here.

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