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Exclusive Interview with Chris Graham; Innovator of 30 -10 Training

Recently, this writer was afforded the opportunity to a rare interview with Chris Graham. Chris Graham is a sought after government consultant in the areas of firearms training and security matters. He is also a former member of the elite Marine Force Recon. Mr. Graham stays busy between his job as the Editor and Chief of the Counter Terrorist Magazine, consulting for the US Government and major government security contractors and his own 30 – 10 Training. Needless to say that this writer was in luck when I got to interview Mr. Graham up close and personal for the Examiner and for Knife and Hand to Hand

30 days to become one of the top 10 percent of shooters
Chris Graham, 30 - 10 Training, Knife and H2H

Many may already know about Mr. Graham based on two other articles I wrote about his 30 – 10 Training program “30 Days to Achieve Great Pistol Skills for Self Defense(Fort Worth Martial Arts Examiner) & “Second Amendment Training For Everyone: 30 - 10 Pistol Training(Fort Worth Libertarian Examiner). I was inspired to do a personal interview with Mr. Graham about his training program; while recently at a firearms range with Graham and the 30 -10 methodology helped this writer achieve a first round hit on a human silhouette steel target at 100 yards with a Glock 19 Pistol.

The “100 Yard Challenge” as Chris calls it, was never a successful shot for this writer to make. That is of course, up until Chris shared some of his 30 – 10 “Magic” with me. And after just a few short minutes. I was pinging steel at 100 yards, successfully living up to the “Challenge”. That is precisely the moment, that I knew an interview with Chris had to happen. Below you will find the list of questions, that was asked to Mr. Graham. See the entire 29 minute interview here.

Find the link to the interview here.

The Chris Graham 30 -10 Question script

1.Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you and what do you do?

2.Q. Obviously we know each other from the work we do together as consultants and I consider you a trusted friend, but for everyone sitting at home, tell us a little bit about Counter Terrorist Mag and how you got involved with those ventures?

3. Q. So would you say that your consulting work with the government gives you access to some of the top professionals in the fields of Security, Tactics, Marksmanship and Firearms?

4.Q. Cutting to the chase here, you’ve been around the block a time or two. In relation to shooting what are a few of the most profound things that you have learned in your career?

5.Q. Okay enough of the small talk……….Lets talk 30-10 Pistol. Why? Why did you decide to come up with this training program and then market it to the general public? I mean you are used to working with the top of the food chain and guys that have to shoot extremely well just to maintain their positions. So why all of the sudden share this jewel of knowledge?

6.Q. So a few days back we were out at the range at the 100 yard line. You wanted to do the 100 Yard Challenge. I remember telling you how I wasn’t so hot at 100 yards. You then gave me a bit of advice that I assume was straight out of 30 – 10. I nailed it! I was really excited because this was the first time I actually hit steel at 100. I’m no cherry when it comes to shooting and have to maintain a relatively high standard of shooting just to keep my position so…..What can the average guy or gal at home expect to get from your program?

7.Q. Why is your program so special or different from others out there?

8.Q. Self Defense Applications?

9.Q. 30 days to the top 10 percent of shooters. Who are the top 10 percent of shooters in your eyes?

10.Q. Okay, Obviously you know, that I am a huge fan of dry fire training. You know that I am also a huge proponent of lazerrange’s Laser Activated Shot Recording System and Laser Ammo’s Sure Strike products. Can folks at home train 30-10 with these types of devices?

11.Q. Last words…… for those out there watching Combat TV and those who come to Knife and H2H

For those interested, you may purchase 30 – 10 Training at the following link; To contact Chris Graham go to See the entire 29 minute and 41 second interview at Knife and H2H Combat TV

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