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Exclusive interview with Celebrity Mandy Moore concerning animal activism

Interview: Popular Actress Mandy Moore Helping Cat Shelters In U.S.
Interview: Popular Actress Mandy Moore Helping Cat Shelters In U.S.
Tradina DeMary

Did you know? Actress & Owner of four rescue cats, Celebrity Mandy Moore aided in the launch of a program directed at facilitating cat shelters across America.

While actress and singer-songwriter Mandy Moore is well known for her latest acting roles in Christmas in Conway, Disney's Tangled and Dermot Mulroney’s “Love, Wedding, Marriage.” Truth be told besides acting, she’s an adorable cat owner and enthusiast of animal rescue organizations.

Did you know? Mandy has four rescue cats, and like many other people who adopt from animal rescues, they all confirm the fact that cats provide camaraderie, comfort and companionship to its owners.

According to the ASPCA, each year more than 3.4 million cats enter shelters across the United States. Yep, there are an immeasurable number of cats that find their forever homes after a shelter stay. There are cat shelters around the country that need help to improve their services and facilities to help cats while they await their permanent homes. All cats deserve a forever home.

On Thursday, July 10, 2014, I had the purrrrfect animal advocacy opportunity by interviewing Actress, Singer, Songwriter and cat owner Mandy Moore. Yep, I support animal advocacy, too. Check out my transcripted version below:

Every cat has a tale and for millions of cats each year, it starts at a shelter. Cat shelters around the country need help to improve their services and facilities to better care for cats that are awaiting forever homes. Actress, Singer, Songwriter and cat owner Mandy Moore is here to share with us how we can help support shelter cats across the country, including many in our state of Maryland. Did you know? Everyone can join in this effort in improving the lives of cats.

My name is Tradina DeMary from and I’d like to welcome Mandy Moore.

Tradina: Good morning, Mandy.
Mandy: Good morning, how are you.

Tradina: Mandy what are you currently doing right now? Can you share your upcoming entertainment projects?
Mandy: Sure, I have been focusing most of my creative energy on making music been writing music with husband who is also a Musician, Singer and Songwriter. So, hopefully I will have a new record out and about in the next couple of months, that’s the plan at least.

Tradina: Ok sounds cool. Tell me about where you are today and what’s happening there.
Mandy: I am actually in Denver at the MaxFund Animal Adoption Center. (Laughing) I just had my little cat friend jump off my lap there. I’m working with Purina Cat Chow on their "Building Better Lives” Campaign and basically the brand is donating $275,000 to fifty different cat focus shelters around the country and three particular shelters including this one in Denver is getting a $50,000 donation toward renovation, nutritional support and adoption and that sort of stuff. They are actually having a big rescue event tomorrow to celebrate the sort of renovation that’s taken place over the last couple of weeks.Hum, I’m just excited to be partnering up because I have four rescue cats myself and two dogs that we have rescued. So, we’re big animal advocates and big animal lovers in our household.

Tradina: Have you always supported animal rescue efforts?
Mandy: I have, I mean we grew up with cats that we’ve adopted. As an adult we have our six animals living with us that we’ve rescued as well. So, I have always be a fan of it. It’s what’s worked for us. It’s what’s made sense. As you mentioned earlier, there are 3.4 million cats that will be in shelters or animals warfare organizations around the country each year and their looking for their forever homes. Anytime I can get behind an initiative to draw attend, to advocate on behalf of animals finding their forever home. I am definitely willing to stand behind that.

Tradina: How can my online readership help with this great cause you are supporting?
Mandy: Yeah, of course, the easiest thing for people to do is to share their unique rescue story of how their animal came into their lives. We are asking via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or whatever social media channel of your choice you want to share your story with the hashtag #myrescuestory. And, if we can just get 1500 people to do that than Purina Cat Chow had agreed to donation an additional $50,000 to pet finder and all of the shelters that they help across the country. That’s kind of a no brainer. Cause we all like talking about our pets anyway right. So, just by using that #myrescuestory you can help a brunch more animals across the country.

Tradina: Where can people go to learn more about the “Building Better Lives” program?
Mandy: Yeah, people can log onto ‎ to see the cat shelter in their area that’s going to benefit from this particular program. But, I encourage people to check out their local shelters as well and even if you not looking to adopt a new furry friend. Animal shelters are always looking for volunteers and people to help out and it’s a great cause and it will make you help you feel good too. Who does not want to hang with a brunch of cats and dogs all day anyway?

Tradina: Right, that’s sounds cool. Thanks a lot Mandy for your time, have a good day.
Mandy: You, too.

All and all this was a purrrrfect animal advocacy interview opportunity. The irony of such an interview does involve my very own rescue story where four baby kittens were abandoned near my apartment. I fed them water and tuna on a regular basis especially since, it seemed that were scared and hungry after my first 24 hour notice of them.

Not knowing what to do, I called the local 311 service for the City of Baltimore. I was informed by a 311 operator after being transferred three different times to three different animal advocacy organizations that all stated they do not take in strays, their words not mine. Unbelievable, right!

It sucked to know that my city does not currently have a policy in place for abandoned cats. Such, a shame! My rescue story included just a back and forth phone call exchange with a dozen or so organizations registered as pet supporters that do not want to be bothered with cats. One organization that I was transferred too via 311 stated, “they can take up to 14 days to response to abandoned cats and cannot pick up outdoor cats so, I would have to take the kittens in my apartment and they would charge a fee to pick them up from me.”

Another 311 operator told me unless, they are being attacked or attacking other, basically animals as free to roam the streets as they please. Interesting, I know right!

Thanks goodness for the Mandy Moore’s of the world. I would have just taken the four cats in however; I don’t have the living space to safely care for three little adorable kittens and a big cat.

Last, I checked the cats are still residing under a outdoor wheelchair ramp in my apartment complex homeless and I feed them when I can. I guess you can say I'm rescuing them from hunger.

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