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Exclusive interview with 'Basketball Wives LA' star Brittish Williams

Brittish Williams is the fiance of Lorenzo Gordon and the feisty young entrepreneur on "Basketball Wives LA."
Brittish Williams is the fiance of Lorenzo Gordon and the feisty young entrepreneur on "Basketball Wives LA."
Photo courtesy of Daniels Entertainment Group, used with permission.

Brittish Williams of “Basketball Wives LA” has been making waves as a newcomer to the reality series this season. Brittish sat down to chat with Examiner about her time on the show, the other women, life with a basketball player and to tell us what she has been up to.

Not one to sit still for long, Brittish has her hands in many projects outside of “Basketball Wives LA.” Everyone knows about her clothing venture, Love of Labels, but they don't know she's working on projects in the beauty and jewelry industries too. To learn more about Brittish Williams, make sure to check out the interview below and tune in to VH1 on Monday nights at 8 p.m.

SF: How does it feel to share the cover of Sister 2 Sister magazine with Wendy Williams? Was that a dream come true for you? How was it talking with Jamie Foster Brown, she is so well respected in the entertainment industry?

BW: It was a great experience! I actually did the interview with Jamie and she has never given a reality star six pages of anything. I got to talk about how hard I work and talk about how motivated I am and that I'm an entrepreneur at such a young age.

SF: How has your life change as a result of doing reality television? Are you noticed a lot more when you go out and have you experienced the crazy fan yet?

BW: It's funny because I'll be walking around my home town and people will tell me “You look like that girl from Basketball Wives.” They'll ask me if it's me and I'm like “No my name is Chanel” I'm a regular person, I haven't changed. People just know who I am now.

SF: Do you feel like the others treat you different because Lorenzo isn't in the NBA? You already addressed the issue of wives vs. girlfriends. What about NBA versus other?

BW: No, I really don’t. Me and Brandi had a little problem at the beginning but after we talked about it and she explained it, we were good. The people who play on our teams are not Lebron or Carmelo so they get paid a regular amount. The players overseas earn untaxed money. The team pays for everything so it’s a different lifestyle. I actually enjoy being an overseas player's wife vs. an NBA basketball wife.

SF: There have been stories going around that you and Lorenzo might be having some problems. Are you guys still together? Was that rumor or no?

BW: Me and Lorenzo are VERY much together. After you watch the rest of the season and the reunion you will know we are very much together right now. People will come out of the woodwork with things that happened int he past. We’re planning our wedding right now and we’re very much in love. He’s my best friend.

SF: You have been referred to as “chunky” on the show. Why haven’t you responded back or have you? If not, do you plan to respond to the “chunky” comments? If appears that they are only saying that to get you upset.

BW: She calls me “chubby” and I thought that was funny. After I look back at the episodes I’m like “Ooh Brittish you were chubby!” I take the negative and turn it to the positive. We’re turning it into a positive body image campaign. I don’t care about Draya. She thinks 115 pounds is beautiful and I think 150 pounds is beautiful.

SF: You seem to have made up with Brandi recently. Are you two friends now?

BW: Um I would not consider her a friend but we are very cordial with each other. I have no problem with her at all. After I got to know her a bit better I learned she is just hilarious...she is so goofy! The relationship did a 360, she is a really cool individual actually. I don’t have her number and she doesn't have my number though.

SF: Are you really as tight with Jackie and Sundy as it appears to us watching?

BW: Actually me and Jackie are really close. If I don’t talk to her every day, sometimes it’s twice a day. Me and Sundy aren't as close but she is a really cool individual. At the beginning you see me have problems with everyone but at the end I get along with everyone.

SF: Who do you film with that you actually call a girlfriend and hang with when the camera aren’t filming?

BW: Definitely Jackie. I don’t really hang out with Sundy when we’re not filming because I’m in St. Louis when we’re not filming and they are in LA. It’s kind of difficult. They are the people that I talk to and none of the other girls have my number.

SF: I saw a quote from you recently that said you aren't a gold digger. Who would you consider to be a gold digger?

BW: You know what, I don’t know who’s a gold differ and who is not. I tell people I am a platinum digger because if I'm gonna dig, I want platinum. People say that about me and I work 24/7. I own my own company. I work harder than Lorenzo. He gets to go play basketball and go home. I think people categorize all basketball wives as gold diggers but I make my own money. If i want to buy thousand dollar shoes, I will buy myself thousand dollar shoes. I shouldn't just be living off him. I don’t think that’s cool.

SF: It's obvious you've been shrinking lately and you look great, what have you been doing?

BW: When I saw myself on television I didn’t like how big my hips look even though I love my curves. I gave up meat and worked out at least 4 times a week. I only eat fish I drink water all day. I want to lose 12 more pounds and be really curvy but more muscular. I just really wanted to be able to be comfortable with how I look on television. In real life I look fine but on television I look different.

SF: Do you have any special projects or appearances coming up that you want to talk about?

BW: I don’t have any special appearances but we are extending Love of Labels. We found a new warehouse space. I am also working on a line called B. Savvy I’m teaming with a girl who owns a hair salon in Philadelphia named Chanel.Also I’m doing a jewelry line with Mr. LA. She does a lot of jewelry for all the football players and athletes.

SF:What shows are you watching on television these days, aside from your own?

BW: I watch three shows I can’t miss. “Real Housewives of Atlanta...” “Revenge”on ABC is my favorite show in the world. If you haven’t watched it you have to watch it and “Scandal” of course. I’ve been watching longer than everyone else. I’ve been watching since the beginning of the first season. I also love “Married to Medicine” on Bravo. I actually went to the same high school as Andy Cohen (of “Watch What Happens Live”) I don’t know if he knows that. (Hint, hint Brittish and have her on your show!)

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