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Exclusive interview with 'Basketball Wives LA' star Brandi Maxiell

Brandi Maxiell takes a moment to answer a few questions for Examiner.
Brandi Maxiell/Twitter

Brandi Maxiell came to "Basketball Wives LA" on a mission to spread the word about ovarian cancer. As a survivor herself, Brandi wanted to use her time on-screen to bring awareness while spending her days in Los Angeles under the care of the best doctors while trying to conceive another child. . Those plans were almost derailed when the newcomer hit the "Basketball Wives" scene and realized just how much drama she would get wrapped up in instead. Brandi took the time to speak with Examiner just before the Monday "Basketball Wives LA" finale. See what she has to say.

SF: On the show, you talk about the difference between friends and acquaintances. Do you consider any of the ladies from the show to be your friend? If so, who?

BM: Malaysia is my sister from another mister, lol. Draya and I have gotten really close lately and it's been fun! We talk all the time and she is a wonderful friend to have, I love those girls!

SF: You have been very outspoken about your battle with ovarian cancer on the show. What other ways have you been an advocate for this cause?

BM: Because this was a horrifying experience for me, I'm just now feeling comfortable enough to discuss what happened to me. It took a while for me to get to this space and was very difficult to talk about what I went through without crying. Even though I have been 6 years cancer free, the first 2 years was painful and difficult because I had a lot of scares. The doctors thought my cancer would come back.

Even after having my baby, I currently still have scares when I have to go in periodically for blood work. However, I do have plans to film PSA's for the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance (OCNA), Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) and National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC). Previously, I was heavily involved with Stand Up To Cancer in order to raise money to accelerate innovative cancer research that will get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now.

SF: Is it hard being in LA without Jason? Do you stay there when you aren't filming?

BM: I'm used to Jason being on the road traveling the majority of the time with his team when the season starts. I definitely knew how to handle it. Most of the time, the time zones make it difficult because he would be three hours ahead. I did go home every single weekend and I was so drained flying 5-6 hours each way.

SF: Can you give us an update as far as your pregnancy journey? Some of the things you've tweeted lately make it sound like there might be an announcement.

BM: At this time, I had a recent scare with my blood levels for cancer and had to put baby #2 on hold. My doctors want everything to be consistent for at least 6 months. I still attend acupuncture twice a week in order to get prepared. Not sure, which tweets you are referring to, but when I do get pregnant again, I'm shouting the good news to the WORLD!

SF: What's the deal with Sundy and these allegations of your husband cheating? Do you think she is going after you for asking about her daughter?

BM: Sundy is filth and she made up the allegations to create more drama. Yes, she's probably still upset that I asked about her daughter. I didn't mean any harm when I asked and she knows this. Again, I asked because I didn't believe what people were saying about Sundy. I was actually on her side.

SF: Brittish told me that you guys talked and made up. Ariane told me you were a favorite of hers too. Besides Sundy (obviously) do you have beef with anyone else from the show?

BM: Brittish and I talked on the show which the viewers all saw about her issues with me and we actually had a few other scenes together that didn't air. However, we both apologized to one another and kept it moving. Ariane was cool and I liked her. The only other person I have a problem with is Jackie for being an instigator and being friends with trash like Sundy. Birds of a feather flock together. Sundy spoke terribly about my health twice and I thought Jackie and I bonded in a way because we both can relate to cancer. And when she laughed and called me a cancer patient, that bothered me and is unforgivable.

SF: Has your role on Basketball Wives LA brought out any crazy fans in your life?

BM: My fans have been super supportive in every way. I receive amazing feedback and lots of love for being strong to speak about my story. And I love VH1/Shed Media for doing a excellent job putting it all together.

SF: You seem like the most drama-free of the wives. Do you ever worry about your role on the show because you aren't beating on other cast members?

BM: I will never sell my soul to fit in nor will I ever embarrass my family. I came on the show and was completely myself and gave my reality the best way I could. I'm not the type of woman to tear down any women just for the sake of it. But I will defend myself and will snap if you talk about my health and my child.

SF: Do you have any other projects coming up that you want everyone to know about?

BM: Right now I'm focusing on my salon located in Carrolton, Texas called Midway Salon and Suites. We have an array of wonderful stylists, nail techs and so forth that will make a woman feel beautiful! I'm also in the process of getting my real estate license, a book deal (and a) make-up and hair line.

SF: Besides your own show, what other TV shows are a “must watch” for you?

BM: I must watch Scandal, The Game and all the Real Housewives Franchises. But lately it's been nothing but Mickey Mouse and Elmo.

The final episode of "Basketball Wives LA" season 3 airs tonight on VH1. Be sure to catch it and see why Brandi Maxiell has become the basketball wife that everybody loves.

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