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Exclusive interview with Australian pop star Faydee on fitness, music


There is nothing better than a catchy tune that you can dance to or listen to while getting ready for a night out that actually has meaningful lyrics. Faydee is an artist who wants to change his fans lives with his music, or at least entertain them with lyrics that aren't just pop-filled jibberish. In this exclusive interview, he chats about his diet, exercise regimen, and his music!

What is your workout regimen like?
Faydee: It’s pretty much whenever I can when I’m not on tour. When I’m on tour it’s pretty much on the go so I try best to eat as well as possible. Because when it is on the go you tend to grab whatever you can. When I am off tour I workout 4 to 5 days a week to stay toned and fit for my tour.

Do you follow a special diet?
Right now my diet consists of not as much bread, and if I do have bread its whole meal, and gluten free. I eat alot of protein, meats and vegetables. I always make sure I have fresh mixed fruit and vegetable juice every morning. The last couple of years I’ve really been looking after myself in health. I see a huge difference in the way I feel on stage and in everyday. My skin is clearer and I just feel better. When you feel better about yourself, you are better at your craft. When I started dieting I realized there’s always a substitution for something unhealthy that still tastes good and is healthy.

What is something your fans don’t know about you?
I’m into reality shows, which is pretty bad. [laughs] I’m into Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I’ve also started getting into the Lindsay Lohan reality show.

Who is your dream collaboration?
Shakira, or Enrique Iglesias. That’s my aim.

You write all of your own songs. Does the girl who inspired “Laugh Till You Cry” know who she is?
[laughs] I think she does. 100% she does unless she’s oblivious to the media. I’ve said that it’s about my ex, and there’s not many that have broken my heart like she did. I’m kind of glad she did that because I had a lot of success with that song. I had to get a broken heart to make some hit records.

Tell me about Bully Zero Australia.
It’s an organization that promotes anti-bullying. I actually became the ambassador after I wrote and recorded “Unbreakable”. My fans inspired me to do that one, even though I have my own past. I was bullied because of my weight and because I was quiet growing up in high school. I wrote this song for them because I was getting a lot of fan mail asking how I can help them, and I felt like the best way to do that was to do what I do best and write a song about it. We shot the video that we felt would connect with my fans and the audience and I’m thankful that it has. For a song that’s about bullying it has about 5 million views, so I’m happy about that. It’s bad for kids these days because they could escape at home and not have to deal with it, and because of social media they have to deal with it everywhere, there’s no sanctuary. I’m trying to do the best that I can and hopefully I can help someone out there.

Who are your favorite artists right now?
I love Lana Del Ray, and I absolutely am in love with Indila. She’s French and all of her songs are in French. She’s new and is just awesome. Ellie Goulding is one of my favorites as well.

Faydee will be dropping new music very soon and you can check him out on Instagram, Twitter, Keek, Facebook, and Youtube to keep updated with his latest music!

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