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Exclusive interview with AlleyWire founder Neil St. Clair

Singer/AlleyWire reporter Angeli Kakade (L) and Neil St. Clair (Far Right) attend the AlleyWire Innovator's Gala.
Singer/AlleyWire reporter Angeli Kakade (L) and Neil St. Clair (Far Right) attend the AlleyWire Innovator's Gala.

AlleyWire is a cool new media tech start up, which covers all things innovative in the form of short informative video segments. Today on March 22 we interviewed founder Neil St. Clair about his latest venture. This week, he hosted the AlleyWire's Innovators' Gala at Above Allen at Thompson LES.

So tell me about the AlleyWire's Innovators' Gala.

So this was our event to launch the new AlleyWire and make some really interesting announcements about our expansion ... new markets and new site itself. We’re so fortunate to have so many great innovators out here because that’s what we’re really celebrating – the innovation community in New York and the innovators that give us a job, essentially

So tell me how did the idea come to start AlleyWire?

It was actually back in February of 2013. I was winding down one other startup and I said, ‘What are my passions? What do I love?’ I love news. I was a TV reporter and I love entrepreneurship – let’s marry those two together and that’s how AlleyWire was born.

What kinds of things do you cover on AlleyWire?

So it’s anything related to innovation and that’s pretty broadly defined. That could be the tech startup that you would traditionally think of, but it could also be a restaurant that’s using a Kickstarter campaign to source the local produce they want to get from a farm down the road. So anything that’s innovative. People using their noodle and being creative in the way they run their businesses in their lives, Our tag line is to live innovatively and when we see people and companies and working brands doing that, that’s what we love.

What are your goals for the brand in the next year?

So not only do we want to start a big increase in our overall brand awareness and user ship, we will be expanding into different markets ... out into London, into Boston, into Philadelphia. And so we really want to increase our overall presence and start telling the stories of startups that are outside of New York and what they’re doing, but also maybe others affecting New York and New Yorkers. So that’s our real next brand goal.

So tell me a little bit about your professional background?

I was a journalist. I went to Boston University. I spent three years working with NY1 and loved doing it, lots of fun, but just wasn’t paying the bills so I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to work for a hedge fund’ and I did for a little while. Ended up going and getting my master’s at Yale, started a company there, was a Yale entrepreneur fellow and got bitten by the bug. I said there’s nothing else I want to do with my life right now other than be an entrepreneur and then as AlleyWire got formed, I kind of rolled into that and it’s been a really fun career trajectory.

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