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Exclusive interview: The Raskins ready to break out on debut album

This week, bi-coastal rockers The Raskins will drop their eponymous debut album on the masses. The record showcases a mix of pop-rock sensibility, big hooks and addictive melodies, along with old fashion rock and roll storytelling. Frontman Logan Raskin took time out during the band’s recent tour with Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver) to talk in-depth about the record, his showbiz family, the importance of showmanship, social media marketing, and how he and his twin brother jumped from the East Coast to the West Coast and tripped head first into a life-long dream.

The Raskins
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The New York raised Raskin brothers, Logan and Roger have been involved in music much of their lives, but mostly behind the scenes. They have written music for television, and film. Along the way the duo has built a faithful following of industry fans. Logan shared that at one point the requests for their music became so prevalent they decided it was time to make music on their own terms, their own way. Thus began the journey of The Raskins.

Without a record in hand the band has already eclipsed 140,000 Facebook fans, nabbed tours with Weiland and Saving Abel, and as they just found out, snagged the coveted opening slot for the Final Motley Crue Tour with Alice Cooper. The brothers’ collective enthusiasm is stamped all over the self-titled album. The first single “We Had it All” and soon to be released second single, “On the Radio” tell the duo’s tale, and in our interview above you can hear Logan's own passion for what he does.

Roger and Logan grew up the sons of a well-known Broadway singer Tommy Raskin who appeared in the biggest stage productions of his era including, West Side Story, Oklahoma, South Pacific, Damm Yankees, and Guys and Dolls. Their mother, Judy Lee, was a highly regarded jazz singer as well, who performed with the likes of Sara Vaughn and Billy Holiday. Logan tells the tale of his parents taking them to see Ray Charles perform in the park. They were so impressed they asked for a piano of their own. Their parents wasted no time putting one right in their bedroom, where the singer stated they wrote all their early songs.

The Raskins wrote some 50 songs for the debut record and pared it down to a dozen they felt best represented who they are right now. Included among them is the stellar track, “Need Another Hero”. Logan reveals this came from his memory of taking the New York trains in the 80s and seeing the famed Guardian Angels watching over the city in their red berets. He notes that all of the songs on the record stir something inside him and recall the memories of his life.

You can listen to the full interview above, check out their debut video for "We Had it All" here, and get ready to experience, The Raskins live on tour all summer long. The debut album hits stores Tuesday, May 13.

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