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Exclusive interview: Sharon Osbourne on 'DWTS,' Don Rickles and Atkins

Examiner spoke exclusively with the Osbourne family matriarch Sharon Osbourne one June 27.
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Sharon Osbourne emerged from the shadow of heavy metal rocker husband Ozzy to become one of America's best-recognized entertainment matriarchs of the modern era. Beyond her role as a doting wife and mom to kids Kelly, Jack and Aimee, Osbourne's resume boasts an impressive collection of achievements, including "The Talk" personality, best-selling author, cancer survivor, and most recently, Atkins spokesperson. Examiner had the chance to chat with the friendly, straight-shooting Osbourne on June 27. The conversation meandered through several topics, including her journey to better health, her obsession with email, and her thoughts on joining "Dancing with the Stars."

Hi Sharon, how are you this morning?

Osbourne: All right! How are you, Sherry?

I'm a little bit tired but I'll survive. I know you've been up for quite a while.

Osbourne: So what's happening, tell me?

With me? Right now, I'm thinking about my morning coffee and I'm thinking about how incredibly pleased I am to get the chance to talk to you for a couple of minutes.

Osbourne: Oh! Well, I'm having my tea and my muffin, that's what I'm having.

Well that sounds good to me! I'd be happy to have a muffin too but I don't have one on hand.

Osbourne: Ah, you see, if you were with me, you could have the Atkins one. It's a muffin with egg and breakfast sausage.

Ooh, that sounds good. I could have some of that! Maybe next time.

Osbourne: Next time!

Okay, so Sharon, I know you're just crazy busy all the time with all of your business commitments and your TV career and your wonderful family. So what exactly is your secret to being there and awake and happy through it all?

Osbourne: You know, for so many years, I was so busy taking care of everybody else and never took care of myself. I always had a weight problem since I was a child and I've gone on every single diet you could ever think of: I've done it, been there. Everything from starving myself to cleanses, the lot, and I could never maintain a weight loss and I could never stick to an exercise routine. So I was always kind of sluggish but had to push myself, you know, not to be. It was like hard work.

And when I got to 60, I decided it's enough. This is ridiculous because I'm really not at my best. And so I joined up with Atkins and became their spokesperson and it really has changed my life for the better. I'm stronger than I've ever been, their food is so easy, it's so convenient. People have this misconception that it's all protein and really bad for you. That is so outdated. It's a great, well-balanced diet. I eat lots of vegetables. I even have fruit, I have nuts, and protein, and it's changed my life for the better. I feel more confident and I feel stronger, health-wise.

Well you look wonderful, I have to say. I don't put a whole lot of stock in looks, but you look wonderful which I realize must mean you feel wonderful, too.

Osbourne: I do. You know, it empowers you to feel stronger and it has empowered me and that's why I'm so passionate about it. We all cheat on diets. I can't say to you that for the last two years, I've never eaten something I shouldn't because I'd be a liar. I mean, I do cheat, I'm human, and I pick myself up the next day and start all over again.

When you cheat, what are you most likely to cheat with?

Osbourne: If [I'm] at a party or something, I will have a drink or I'll have something like potato chips or some french fries, and that is like the no-no. But I do it from time to time. I'm human and I'm weak.

That's totally okay.

Osbourne: You know what one of the good things is? You go to and there's a community of people going through exactly the same thing that you're going through, so it's a community that supports each other and gives advice.

Perfect. Now I'm going to switch gears a little bit. "Dancing with the Stars" is my favorite show. I loved watching you watch Kelly and Jack compete. It seems like you've been a rumored contestant almost every single season. So, is it ever actually going to happen?

Osbourne: No, it's not, and you know what? It's my favorite show, too. I absolutely adore that show. I'm there five minutes before it starts every time in front of the TV. I love it. But no, I wouldn't do the show. I don't like to perspire and all that dancing makes you all sweaty.

[Laughs] That's true! I hadn't thought of that before. You must know the cast pretty well by now. Who is the sweetest professional dancer on that show?

Osbourne: Cheryl [Burke]! She is an angel and she's become, like, a really good friend to the whole family. We really adore her. She's just a really lovely young woman.

She's really darling.

Osbourne: She is.

So, what projects are on your radar, since "DWTS" is out?

Osbourne: I'm working on a production for Ozzy for next year for October, the whole month for Halloween in Vegas and it's a whole big event that we're doing there. So I'm working a lot on that right now.

Talking about Ozzy, I know you adore your family. It's obvious. What's the best thing about being a grandmother?

Osbourne: Oh my lord, [Pearl] brings such joy to the family. It changed the whole dynamic of our family. And it's just this ray of sunshine that comes in the room with this little child.

How proud are you of Jack?

Osbourne: You can't even put it into words. He is very strong-minded, he is a get up and go kind of guy, and I admire him.

He seems like a really good guy. I liked watching him grow on "Dancing with the Stars." It gave me a chance to get to know him a little bit more.

Osbourne: He's a real regular guy. He doesn't have [a] sense of entitlement and he's a really good person.

That says some great things about you as a parent.

Osbourne: Thank you.

Now America knows a lot about you, but what's one thing we may not know?

Osbourne: I don't know, because I'm so open about everything! I really don't know! Ask me something and I'll tell you.

Oh goodness...

Osbourne: [Laughs] See? Now you're stuck!

I'm not stuck; I have a long list of mental questions! I'll pull one out. Who would you like to have on "The Talk" who hasn't been on yet?

Osbourne: See, I get asked that question a lot and really nobody because I'm just interested in everyone so I'll chat to anyone. I don't really have a preference; there's no like, everybody goes 'oh, I'd like to interview the First Lady or the President or whatever' and I'm just, like, it would be amazing to, but I'm just as happy talking to somebody from a soap opera or whoever. I just enjoy talking.

I'll take a serious turn for just a second. One of my children died of cancer two years ago. I know you've been through the wringer and you strive really hard to focus on being positive, but what is your biggest fear?

Osbourne: Probably the safety of my children and husband. That's always with me. I don't know how... you could ever get over the loss of a child.

You don't, really. It's kind of just one of those things that you learn to live with. It's probably kind of like learning to live without a limb, I guess.

Osbourne: Yeah.

That was very serious of me, so I'll go back to a lighter topic. What's the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

Osbourne: Oh my lord, um, anything to do with Don Rickles. I adore him. He's the funniest man ever.

That's awesome! I love that. Now, I like to conclude my chats with a terrific trio -- three relatively rapid-fire questions. Okay?

Osbourne: Okay.

The best dessert you've ever had?

Osbourne: Oh my lord, it's called a Napoleon and it's this unbelievable thin pastry with strawberries and cream.

How many times a day do you check your email?

Osbourne: Let's say way too much and it is definitely addictive. I used to go on at my kids for it but I'm now joining the club so way too much.

And the one place that you have not lived that you'd like to live?

Osbourne: Italy.

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