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Exclusive interview: Scheana Marie of 'Vanderpump Rules' talks engagement

Mike Shay and Scheana Marie
Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Last week on "Vanderpump Rules" fans were happy to see Mike Shay propose to Scheana Marie. On Jan. 27, Examiner was given the chance to talk to her in an exclusive interview and find out all the details of this big proposal. It was great to see it all go down last week.

Here is what Scheana had to say:

You had looked at rings already with Mike, but were you expecting a proposal yet?

I knew it was coming because we have talked about it since we started dating and Shay knows i want to go into my 30th birthday a married woman so we can start the next Chapter of our life. However, I was absolutely beyond surprised the way it happened.

Did you doubt at all that you were there for a photo shoot?

That day at home Shay was acting a little weird but he told me he was filming with the guys. So I was like, "ok I guess you need a suit for whatever you guys are doing" However when I showed up to Lisa's house this was a legit photo shoot and all other thoughts went out of my mind.

What did you think of the way he proposed?

It was magical! It felt like a proposal on "The Bachelor". I couldn't have thought of a better plan and setting if I tried.

How soon are you planning to get married?

This July! It'll be a year since we got engaged then.

Will you let Bravo film the wedding for 'Vanderpump Rules'?

Oh, most definitely. Everyone shared my special moment with me getting engaged to so I would love to share the whole experience with everyone as well.

You can keep up with Scheana Marie on Twitter. She shares beauty tips and talks to fans here. This is the best way to not miss out on any of her news. Fans can't wait to hear all of the wedding news as it gets closer to the big day for Scheana Marie and Mike Shay.

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