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Exclusive interview: Pascale Wellin of '100 Days of Summer' talks season one

Pascale Wellin and Gretchen Rossi

Bravo has several new hit shows in 2014 and one of them is "100 Days of Summer." On Feb. 6, Examiner was given the opportunity to talk to Pascale Wellin via e-mail and find out details on the show including information about season two.

Here is what she had to say today:

Rumors are flying that this show was filmed almost two years ago. Is that true?

It is. It was filmed two summers ago.

What is your jewelry line and how can your fans find it?

The line is a collaboration between my mother and I. We design custom made jewelry. Our pieces have a very industrial feel to them, and they are available by inquiry at

How did you end up on "100 Days of Summer"?

I grew up in Chicago, my entire life at the time was in that city and as such I had a large social network there. One of my acquaintances, Vince Anzalone, approached me about a show documenting young professionals in Chicago and it peeked my interest. We all knew one another to varying degrees, but Vince is the one who really brought us all together.

What are you most excited for fans to see this season?

I always think it's fascinating to see how real relationships change, that's what makes reality tv shows so addicting. And a lot of changes happen throughout our season. Friendships fall apart, new ones form, love grows, businesses succeed and fail to varying degrees. All during a summer in Chicago. Have you been to Chicago in the summer? It's amazing. The city is beautiful, and its people come alive.

What can fans expect to see the rest of the season?

There's drama to be sure, but I try and stay out of it as best as I can. What transpired earlier in the summer really was a blessing in disguise. It forced me to focus on what was most important to me, which is my mother's and my jewelry line. Our work takes some twists and turns, but I close out the season with a happy ending, and you can't beat that.

Is there any news on season 2 yet? If so, would you be interested in doing it again?

No news yet, but I can say hands down now that I would be 100% interested in filming another season.

If you are a fan of Pascale Wellin you can keep up with her on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Don't miss new episodes of "100 Days of Summer" on Bravo on Tuesday nights. This show is only a few episodes in so you still have to time to catch up!

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