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Exclusive interview: Lorenzo and Charles talk new show 'Lucky Bastards'

Esquire Network has a new reality show coming out called "Lucky Bastards." On Friday Examiner got the chance to speak to two of the guys from this show and get the latest scoop. Lorenzo Borghese and Charles Ferri were more than happy to talk about their new series.

"Lucky Bastards" on Esquire
Courtesy: Esquire Network with permission

This show will follow six guys living in New York City during their day to day life. They are all extremely successful and just like to have a good time. It started filming in November so what you are seeing is very recent. Charles Ferri revealed that the idea of the show came out about a year ago. Production interviewed him about the idea of the show and asked if he had any friends in mind to do it with him and the rest is history.

Lorenzo and Charles have actually known each other and been friends for over 10 years. All of the guys on "Lucky Bastards" at least knew each other some before the series was picked up and had spent time together before filming started. Scott Mitchell had also been friends with them for a long time.

A lot of fans of "The Bachelor" will remember Lorenzo from this show. He is a prince and didn't find love on ABC, but he does now have a girlfriend who is a big part of his life that you will get to meet on his new reality series. Charles also has a very serious girlfriend who will be on the show. Lorenzo said "doing this show was a really different experience than "The Bachelor" because it focused on my business and free time." There was no pressure and this show is one of the best times of his life.

Charles shared that he "had a blast" doing this series. It just shows these guys having a great time and Lorenzo said he hasn't laughed as hard as he did doing this show since he was a kid. They will both be tweeting during the show. Check out Lorenzo on his Twitter and Charles on his own Twitter for more on "Lucky Bastards." You can find out a bit more about the guys at this link.

"Lucky Bastards" will air a new episode every Wednesday night on Esquire. The season will be 10 episodes long and episodes will also be available to watch on YouTube and Facebook. Don't miss the premiere on April 16 at 10 pm ET/ PT.

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