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Exclusive interview: Jesse Kovacs talks 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Jesse Kovacs
Jesse Kovacs

Last night fans saw Jesse Kovacs show up on "Bachelor in Paradise." This fan favorite was someone that viewers have been waiting all season to see. On Tuesday, Examiner got the chance to talk to Jesse on the phone about the show. Don't miss him on another new episode tonight.

As Jesse Kovacs walked into the game last night, he had no idea what was going on. Production had not explained to him that a lot of various people were coming into the game late. He thought that he was that one person that was coming in late to shake things up. Obviously he figured out pretty quick that was not the case.

Jesse joined the show because it was simply good timing for him. He just came out of a relationship that lasted four years. When they called him he thought, "Why not?" Being on this show is a once upon a lifetime opportunity and he has been able to do it three times now.

It was all really awkward for him when he showed up. Kovacs didn't know anybody that was there. He had briefly met Michelle Money and Graham Bunn, but he had been out of the game for a while. While in a serious relationship, Jesse Kovacs didn't go to "Bachelor" reunions or even watch the show. Because of this he didn't have any women in mind when he went on the show and just wanted to see what happened.

One thing that Jesse said viewers didn't see on television was that Robert pulled him aside and told him which girls were already with someone. He thought Jackie was an easy choice for his date because she was pretty and not set up with someone already.

A lot of fans remember Jesse from his time on "Bachelor Pad." He actually preferred this show because he knew most of the people on this season. It made it a lot less awkward and Jesse never backs away from a competition. He loved that they were trying to win money even though he didn't take home the big prize.

One small spoiler he could share was that he doesn't know if there will be a reunion show yet. It has not been confirmed that fans will get to see one. He is also a bit nervous about watching how it all turns out on television. When asked if he would join another reality show, Jesse said "never say never."

If you are a fan of Jesse Kovacs, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram. He will also be doing a blog for OK Magazine after new episodes air and will do a Q&A with Cupid's Plus each week. The Oklahoma City TV Examiner will also be keeping up with Jesse while he is on "Bachelor in Paradise."

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