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Exclusive interview: Designer Jay Godfrey talks Fall 2014 collection

Presenting for the very first time at New York Fashion Week, women’s wear designer Jay Godfrey spoke to about his Fall 2014 collection, a modern take on the classic rock-n-roll aesthetic of the 70s. Styles inspired by rockstars’ most stylish offspring (Theodora Richards, Peaches Geldof, and Zoe Kravitz, to name a few) meld classic fringe with vegan leather and clean lines for a contemporary feel. Check out Examiner’s full pre-show interview with Jay Godfrey from backstage at the "Hub @ Hudson Hotel."

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This is your first time presenting at NYFW. How do you feel Today?

Pumped! I can’t wait—I want the show to start right now!

What was the first thought that ran through your head when you woke up this morning?

Oh God, my 3-year-old needs to get up and go to school!

Oh no, I hope she got there!

She got there on time, and she’s coming today, which is super exciting.

This collection is a modern take on the classic rock-n-roller aesthetic. What was your inspiration?

Specifically, I was inspired by the offspring of these rock-n-rollers: Theodora Richards, Zoe Kravitz, Peaches Geldof, Steven Tyler’s kids. I really loved how they grew up with everything, and you would expect a very Uptown-feeling personal style, but they really developed their own personal style and sensibility as they came of age.

What makes the collection undeniably modern as opposed to a vintage-feel?

You know, number one, I think that vintage in a lot of respects should stay that way. Newness is exciting for me. So while we might incorporate things like fringe and leather, I believe we’ve done it in very modern, clean ways. The pillars of my brand are modernity, sensual-ness, and clean lines, and whether we’re doing a very rock-n-roll feel or it’s springtime in Vienna, it’s always got that feeling of being clean and modern.

Do you have a favorite look or piece from the collection?

You know, I’m really loving anything that’s made from vegan leathers. They’re very exciting, they look incredibly expensive, and for our brand they are expensive. They look really modern in the proportions and the way they’re used, and I’m really excited about this collection. We pushed it further this time than we ever have.

Is this the first time you’ve done vegan leather?

We have used it in the past, but because it’s our first time showing, we really stepped it up.

Who would you define as a modern day rock-n-roller?

Obviously, Adam Levine…the Imagine Dragon guys, Caleb Followill and his gorgeous wife Lily Aldridge. They are kind of like the modern day interpretations of the Keith Richards and the Patti Hansens.

If you had to dress one woman in this collection, who would it be?

I don’t want to dress one woman; I want to dress many women in this collection! That’s a really tough question, but if there were one woman I would really love to dress—I’m a huge Patti Hansen fan.

Notables that we spotted at the presentation included: Courtney Kerr (“Courtney Loves Dallas”), Samantha & Caillianne Beckerman (Beckerman Sisters/”Beckerman Blog”), Jillian Mercado (Model), Amber Venz (Blogger/”VenzEdits), Sydne Summer (Blogger/”SydneStyles”) and Annabel Vartanian (Influencer).

Brigid Ronan contributed reporting.

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