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Exclusive interview: Control your dreams with a dream enhancing headband

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iWinks has recently developed a headband that helps you attain lucid dreaming. The device is called The Aurora. It is able to identify which stages of your sleep cycle that you are in and is then able to provide queues that make you aware that you are dreaming. Once you are aware that you are dreaming, you are able to take control of what happens.

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The device is paired with an app that allows you to create and control what the signals are. It also records your sleep patterns and can function as an alarm. Since The Aurora knows what sleep cycle you are in, it is also able to wake you up at an ideal point of rest.

The iWinks video details what lucid dreaming looks like and what The Aurora can do to best facilitate it. Daniel Schoonover, the founder of iWinks tells that the device is very light and comfortable to wear to sleep. When asked about benefits for lucid dreaming, he tells Examiner,

“We have listed the benefits of lucid dreaming extensively in an article on our blog. Benefits include lower stress levels, reduction of nightmare frequency and the ability to improve performance on real world tasks if practiced during dreams, to name a few.”

There have been other developments of apps that help facilitate lucid dreaming, like the Dream:On app which also allows you to keep a dream diary.

Professor Richard Wisemen, the creator of Dream:On, recently released a report through the in which he says that using apps to help people craft their dreams allows people to wake up happier and healthier. Wisemen briefly touches on the use of lucid dreaming as a therapy tool for depression patients.

Different from the Dream:On App, The Aurora headband has electrodes and an accelerometer that is able to capture brain wave data. In this iWinks YouTube video, the creators show us how the headband is able to display the rapid eye movement waves through the iWinks app.