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Exclusive: Icona Pop unveils unscripted video series with Refinery29

Icona Pop unveils unscripted video series with Refinery29
Icona Pop unveils unscripted video series with Refinery29

On May 1, 2014, was invited by top fashion site Refinery29 and the ladies of Icona Pop (Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo) to view their first ever unscripted video series called "I Am Icon." During the secret preview, Icona Pop was on hand to unveil the collaboration – a docu-drama series following the Swedish duo on tour with Miley Cyrus. The eight part documentary will consist episodes that are five to eight minutes each.

We spoke with Spencer Mandell who is a producer for Refinery29. When we asked him how the collaboration came about he said, "We’ve been doing video for a few years now, but most of what we have done is tutorial. We made the decision last year to take it to the next level. We wanted to do original video productions that told a story that our audience wants to hear, and combine it with artists that can be embraced by our readers. We were scouting for projects and then we found the band, which is such a great alignment for our readers. They are so cool and so stylish, they’ve got a really smart and fun sense of understanding of fashion and they are on the rise."

Mandell continued, "There will be eight episodes and each episode is sort of like a documentary, some could be four or five minutes and some seven or eight minutes. We are really looking at this trying not to follow any sort of traditional documentary format because we are trying to do something different here, we are trying to push the limits we want it to look different, sound different, be different, because the girls are such a unique entity that they are not gonna fit with a traditional documentary format it’s not gonna do them justice, and they are so big, their experiences are so big we have to find something creative and big to show their story. They will sort of deal with themes. You have these themes as their tour around the country. We are really trying to break new ground on how tour documentary films are done."

We had the opportunity to exclusively interview Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo at the event. They are headed on tour with Katy Perry this month in the UK.

What do you like the most about New York and London?

London is very close to Sweden, so a lot of Swedish people try or they start their journey with moving to London. The thing that I love about London is that people are so kind the way they always say “love” and the music, but I guess it's the same way here. But the underground scene is great, it's so easy to connect with people and we don’t have to keep up with other pretending to be successful and that mentality is very nice both here and in London.

What can you tell me about the collaboration with the "Girls" TV Show, and having them feature “I Love It” in one of their episodes?

That was amazing! We used to watch "Girls" before we even wrote "I Love It." We even tweeted "Girls" saying that they should feature our music. When we got it, we said "YES, it was because of our tweet!" The whole girl power thing was such an honor to be part of. But when we first heard that our song was going to be featured we were like "Oh My God," I have to breath this is awesome! But when we saw it, it was beyond what we could have ever imagined. She was singing along and dancing in that tank top! It was so overwhelming and we had to watch it again! It was a perfect combination.

Are you working on your new album? How is that coming along?

We are super super excited! We have a lot of songs for it, we think we constantly move forward and keep on developing in different directions, and you get inspired when you travel and get through stuff. We’ve been through so much in such a short time, so we have so much to say and we can’t wait to share that. A lot of people will hear new sounds and a different side of Icona Pop.

Estefania Garcia-Correa contributed reporting.

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