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Exclusive "Gundam" Nintendo 3DS coming for Christmas

SD Gundam G Generation 3D Nintendo 3DS
SD Gundam G Generation 3D Nintendo 3DS
Namco Bandai Games

While the Nintendo 3DS hasn't been burning the charts as much as it's predecessor, it's been successful enough that it's gaining exclusives and support from third parties. One rather sly tactic in increasing console sales is to do color and design variants; certain gamers will sell their current console for a new color, and there will always be a collector who wants all the colors.

Namco Bandai Games has teamed up with Nintendo to release a console designed after Char Aznable, the antagonist/anti-hero seen in the Gundam franchise. Beyond the standard accessories included with a 3DS, the game SD Gundam G Generation 3D will be included. Everyone who buys this game will receive an AR card featuring Gundam Age-1 Normal, while people who buy the bundle will get an exclusive AR card featuring Char's Zaku II Mobile Suit.

Both the game and the bundle will be released on December 22nd, with the bundle running for 21,090 yen in Japan.