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Exclusive: Fashion designer Rebecca Pearcy talks iconic Portland style

A pillar of Portland’s handmade fashion community on the eve of celebrating eighteen years in business gives an exclusive interview and sneak peek at her iconic Portland style. Yes, designer Rebecca Pearcy shared a few insights with me about her stylish success story and how she created a hub (Queen Bee Creations) of ongoing charming, and delightful fashion designs worth collecting. Here's the scoop.

Heather Treadway models one of her dress designs in moss green called the Lens dress and a handbag by Rebecca Pearcy for Queen Bee Creations
Catherine Garvin
Abby Malzahn models Queen Bee Creations
Catherine Garvin

How does it feel to have arrived at this milestone anniversary of Queen Bee Creations?

I am terrifically proud of making it to this milestone. There have been so many twists on this amazing journey, and talented, wonderful people who have supported and grown the business alongside me. Most of all, I feel proud that Queen Bee speaks to a continually growing audience after nearly two decades. It's wonderful to now be in the position of watching new handmade startups and small businesses proliferate. I feel proud to have been one of the people who started out here, as Portland became known as a hotbed for makers and small batch, passionately crafted goods and products.

Iconic Portland Style in three words? (Or however many words you need)

Portland fashionistas are independent, multipurpose, sustainable and passionately local. (Also: Whimsical, efficient and sexy)

What excites and inspires you creatively?

Nature is a huge source of inspiration for me. And I love my simple, everyday interactions with it, like during my bike commute; taking walks with my family, or on our weekend getaway camping trips. I lam continually struck by the simplest moments of growth and beauty I find in the urban landscape around us. Textiles, color, pattern, and fashion have always inspired me.

Why Portland?

I like Portland because of the fervor for invention; the underbelly desire to build a better mousetrap and do it with grace. This city embraces quirks, but at the same time, offers significant substance and conviction beneath everything it cares about. I feel the commitment and hardcore dedication to supporting local design and business.

What do you love and/or hate most about your day-to-day challenges, and rewards?

Balancing my roles as business owner, designer, and mom is a challenge every day, but one that is incredibly rewarding. I love being able to see my designs come into being, and then to get picked up and discovered by someone in the shop. I love to test new designs and see them developed by my staff. I don't love it when I have to make tough decisions, do taxes, or figure out how to survive a recession. But I get a lot of support from various sources, and I've always been able to eventually gain the clarity I need to find the right path.

What's next for Queen Bee Creations?

I think I most look forward to expanding the Rebecca Pearcy Textiles line of hand screen-printed home goods and accessories. I'm in love with bold, graphic designs printed on the sturdy fabric we use. From there, storage and organizational items we make out of it brightens and tidies up the home - what's not to love? Growing our shop with carefully selected apparel for women of all ages. And I'd love to develop some of my own clothing designs that incorporate our use of sustainable fabrics and original prints.

Click through the slideshow for more about Queen Bee Creations and if you feel ready for a really big party then on your mark because starting Saturday, June 28 Queen Bee is holding a two day 25% off flash sale and customer appreciation celebration click here for all the juicy details. Also find fashion designer Heather Treadway here.

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