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Exclusive Examiner interview with Kill Matilda's Dusty Exner

Lead singer Dusty Exner and her band Kill Matilda plan to rock North America on tour.
Lead singer Dusty Exner and her band Kill Matilda plan to rock North America on tour.
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Today we are lucky to have the opportunity to sit down and talk with up and coming Canadian punk rockers Kill Matilda. The band is set to take the world by storm as well as start a North American tour and have been gracious enough to sit with lead singer Dusty Exner to give fans the latest information on the band.

Examiner (Keith Ashley): Thank you for doing this interview! For the casual fan or reader tell us a little about yourself?

Dusty Exner: We are Kill Matilda, a zombie hunting punk and roll band. By day we rid your towns and cities of the undead and by night we make you sweaty with our rockin' sexy stage show. We come from the northern wasteland of Canada and we have come to get you to party and make you move your body!

Examiner: What advice would you give to people just starting off in the entertainment & music business?

Dusty: Nobody owes you anything. It doesn't matter how great your music is. Work hard, bring people out, realize that you're one band in a sea of thousands of bands, drops in a bucket, all vying for the same small slice of the pie. If you're not willing to put time and money in, don't expect anyone else to do it for you. Being in a band is all about the grind and the only payoff is that you get to do what you love.

Examiner: You have a great sound &style, who has influenced you musically?

Dusty: Early on grunge really influenced our music with bands like Hole and Alice in Chains. Later, very much owing to the influence of our guitarist Dave Roberts (retired from the band), our sound evolved into the bluesy punk that it is today. It is still laced with some hard-rock elements but he brought a lot more of the so-Cal punk and rock and roll guitar sound to our music in his riffs. I'd say that our newer stuff is a blend of the Misfits, KISS and proto-punk bands like Death and The Stooges. Vocally I'm most influenced by Danzig and Brody Dalle, but I think we all love the classic sounds of Chuck Berry, Wanda Jackson, Buddy Holly and Elvis. The simplicity of that music has always helped us to stay true to the path of rock and roll.

Examiner: What can fans expect from you in 2014, any tours, albums what can the fans expect?

Dusty: We released #PUNK#ZOMBIE#ROCKNROLL in 2014 which people can download for free on our Reverbnation page. September we are setting out on a 6-Month North American tour that will see us visit almost every US state. We are putting out a limited-release vinyl with 4 new tracks produced by GG Garth Richardson of Rise Against and Rage Against the Machine fame. We will ship the 4 songs as singles to radio as well. We also have a music video in post-production for one of those new tracks. Expect to see us a lot USA!

Examiner: What band or musician would you have loved tour with from the past & why?

Dusty: I would have loved to have been able to open up for the Distillers in their heyday, because they were very influential in the alt-punk scene and Brody Dalle is an institution unto herself. It also would have been pretty sweet to tour with the Offspring as they released "Smash" - it would have been so amazing to be there at the time they broke with an independent record and got worldwide. I think any historic group would have been awesome to tour with - the Clash, the Sex Pistols, the Runaways, and Nirvana. Except that I'm not much for all night partying and drugs, I'm pretty tame that way, and I think in the 70s, 80s and 90s bands on tour had a lot less responsibility and a lot more money, so there was probably more time and space to get really messed up. I wouldn't have been super stoked on that so much; I try to do a lot of sleeping and healthy eating on the road, ha-ha-ha!

Examiner: Are there any current bands you would like to tour or do a song with?

Dusty: Against Me! ... Also we'd love to tour with Monster Truck or Sumo Cyco from Canada. They're both cool bands doing a lot of stuff we like. I'd love to open for the Pretty Reckless or Billy Talent especially. And of course, the Misfits. I'd love to do a song with Care Failure from Die Mannequin; I love that chick's musical style, and again, Billy Talent. Other than that, I think it'd be pretty rad to do a song with Yo-Landi from Die Antwoord, OMG I'D DIE. She blows my mind. Tour-wise we are very excited to be hitting the road for our September dates with our friends from Louisville, KY, Uh Huh Baby Yeah. Check them out, they are awesome.

Examiner: Great choices, Sumo are good friends of the site for years! Do you have any crazy or really cool tour stories you may want to share?

Dusty: Too many! On our very first tour this really HUGE MMA fighter was super messed up and smashed a beer bottle over his own head. He was bleeding all over the place so I took him into the bathroom to pick the glass shards out of his scalp. That was pretty intense. We could have died on our 2011 tour - while parked on a side street in Montreal, a car came around the corner and hit our van so hard that the car itself was flipped on its side. Amazingly enough, the van only had a bit of a peeled door and some scratches on the back passenger wheel. We took it to a body shop and they inspected the damage while it was parked on the street, and DID NOT put it on a lift or anything. We had driven thousands of miles on a very dangerously compromised axle, towing about 2,000 lbs. in our trailer. If it had snapped while we'd been driving 60 mph an hour we would be dead but we were in stop and go traffic in the city. When we told the tow-truck driver who hauled away the van how far we'd driven on it he went as white as a sheet and told us we had an angel looking out for us for sure. We then had two days before our next show to procure money to buy a new tour van. We wrangled all our friends to lend us money until my insurance money for the totaled van came through, found a van on Craigslist, bought it the very next day and were on the way to our next date without even skipping a beat!

Examiner: Great stuff! Nothing like tour life! We know you’re rather busy so thanks for your time, is there anything else you want to tell the readers?

Dusty: Thank you!!! We have an early Halloween treat for everyone. A "Night of the Living Dead" video remix lyric video on YouTube. Speaking of vans, we need a new one to be our home till March. Please check out our indiegogo fundraiser -you can check it out here and get your chance at our limited release vinyl.Come to our shows, watch our videos, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!! Also our website!

For all things related to Kill Matilda please check out their official pages and catch them when they are on the road on their upcoming tour!

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