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Exclusive Event: Relationship Experts discuss dating on conference call series

In today's world, finding... and keeping love can be a challenge. On March 17, the highly anticipated You're Beautiful Honie series of conference calls is set to debut its 4 week lineup of relationship experts discussing views and advice on dating.

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Lena Cohen/ You're Beautiful Honie
You're Beautiful Honie is Proud to Presents Its Next Series of Conference Calls
You're Beautiful Honie Organization

Kean University honors graduate and Motivational Speaker Lena Cohen is the Founder of You're Beautiful Honie. She is the force behind the series of conference calls to help those looking to change their lives for the better. Utilizing resources from a panel of experts that she has comprised herself to help impact others with their know how and expertise on everything from relationships to Health and Fitness to business advice. By day, Cohen coordinates stories for the popular television show Inside Edition. For over 10 years Lena has dedicated her life to helping others, mentoring and now coaching has become second nature to her. When asked about the need for the next topic of conference calls, dating was polled #1 on the list. Cohen states, "Love is the most powerful emotion we have as human beings, yet it seems like we never know what to do with it. We're always chasing it. But love starts with YOU. The basis of my company is loving yourself first and being mentally, physically, emotionally, and spirituality sound. With these calls we work on know what YOU want, what standards YOU have, where YOU see the relationship going. The dating series was chosen by popular demand, so I created it with the core foundation of my business in mind." Health & fitness, goals and balancing life are all topics mentioned for future teleconferences.

The headliner of the 1st week phone conference call is with Trevor "Treo" Scott, an influential dating and relationship coach, he has led hundreds of personal development trainings and empowered over 10,000 individuals to achieve more by becoming more. While building his brand in the insurance industry, Treo experienced a devastating setback when a 5 year relationship came to a disastrous halt 2 months prior to his wedding day. Following the relationship’s arduous demise, he was determined to show himself and others the difference between knowing a path and actually walking a path to living an exceptional life. He deepened his scholastic research interning with an accredited marriage counselor and subsequently obtained a coaching certification.
 Through his 60/40 principle of logic versus emotion, he lays out the blueprint on how to attract and identify ones ideal partner. “Anyone can find a spouse, but very few find their ideal mate. Finding is reserved for the searcher. However, the search is only successful if you know how to look.” Known as the “Dating Designer” Treo’s goal is to help you design your personal plan to find and keep “Mr. or Mrs.” Right. His topic of conversation will be "Knowing Yourself and What You Want" on March 17, 7pm-8pm to join this conversation call: (605) 475-6333 Dial access code: 3533063

The 2nd week phone conference call is with Darlene Brown, CEO of Divine Empowerment, a certified Personal Development and Business Leadership Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Training Facilitator with over 25 years of professional business experience. She is a certified workshop trainer for the Yale Curriculum “Coping with Work and Family Stress: A Workplace Preventive Intervention” and Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.
 Darlene is currently completing her first book, which will be released in spring of 2014, “Head Ladies In Charge” and “The F Word”. She has delivered dynamic speeches on “Strategic Planning”, the “Power of Positive Thinking” and “Seven Success Principles for Leaders” to academic institutions across the nation. Thurgood Marshall Academy, Bowie State University, Coppin State University with Heal a Woman Heal a Nation non-profit organization, Loyola University Maryland, the Black and Male in America Conference in New York with Kevin Powell, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority of Delaware State University and on numerous virtual platforms. Her topic of conversation will be "Standards: What they say about You" on March 24, 7pm-8pm to join this conversation call: (605) 475-6333 Dial access code: 3533063

The 3rd week conference call expert is known to many as Mr. Real Talk and Mr. Positive, Chris Richardson is a respected and sought after Relationship Strategist, Best Selling Author, Dynamic Speaker and Radio Talk Show Host. He is the author of the bestselling book, Can We Talk? A Journey Towards Having a Healthy and Lasting Relationship. Chris was a former Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and proudly protected and served his country during Operation Desert Storm. While serving in the Marine Corps, Chris began to develop and refine his ability to lead, inspire and encourage others.
His passion for inspiring and leading others, would later lead him on his journey to becoming an author and relationship coach. Fueled by the pain of a devastating divorce, Chris became determined to turn his pain and his setback into a story that will help transform the lives of individuals and change the culture of organizations. It was not long after Chris recovered from the heartache of divorce where he realized that as a Marine he was trained how to kill a man, but not how to LOVE a woman. Upon receiving this revelation, he became relentless in his quest to share with others the significance of understanding their history and the importance of loving themselves. As Chris continues on his mission to transform lives, he is seeking out an army of men and women who will join him in his efforts to SAVE relationships and families all across the country.
 His topic of conversation will be "Where is this "Dating" thing going? Relationship or not" on March 31, 7pm-8pm to join this conversation call: (605) 475-6333 Dial access code: 3533063

The 4th week and final conference call expert is Lena Cohen, her topic of conversation will be "Dating 101 Wrap Up Session" on April 7th, 7pm-8pm to join this conversation call: (605) 475-6333 Dial access code: 3533063

Here is a the complete series of teleconference calls on Dating & Relationship:

March 17, 2014 Knowing Yourself and What You Want Moderator: Trevor Treo Scott 7-8pm Call: (605) 475-6333 Dial access code: 3533063

March 24, 2014 Standards: What they say about You Moderator: Darlene Brown 7-8pm Call: (605) 475-6333 Dial access code: 3533063

March 31, 2014 Where is this"Dating"thing going? Relationship or not Moderator: Chris Richardson 7-8pm Call: (605) 475-6333 Dial access code: 3533063

April 7, 2014 Dating 101 Wrap Up Session Moderator: Darlene Brown 7-8pm Call: (605) 475-6333 Dial access code: 3533063

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