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Exclusive: Eric Bana and cast talk 'Deliver Us From Evil'

Actor Eric Bana attends the 'Deliver Us From Evil' screening hosted by Screen Gems & Jerry Bruckheimer Films with The Cinema Society at SVA Theater on June 24, 2014 in New York City.
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Screen Gems' "Deliver Us From Evil" hits theaters this Wednesday, July 2 and had the opportunity to interview some of the cast. Today on June 30, we are excited to share our exclusive chat.

The film is inspired by Ralph Sarchie's life. Read our interview exclusive interview with him.

So tell me how did the film come about?

I wrote a book actually and Jerry Bruckheimer optioned it and it sat around for a number of years and I believe that Scott and Paul had come to New York from LA in 2003 to write the screenplay and they spent about four days with me and my family and then they went back to LA and I never heard anything after that and it ... and it was resurrected now here we are.

So does the film take one story from the book or many stories from the book?

It's a compilation of all my stories in the book.

How does it feel to have your story turned into a movie?

Ot's surreal and sometimes scary because I'm a very private person and I've never sought publicity but I believe that I do things in God's way and God's time and I believe he wants me out in public so here I am.

I read online that you said that this movie can kind of attract demons?

Well if you speak about certain cases that have been unsuccessful there is a possibility of drawing that demonic spirit to you because when you give them recognition they'll take it and they will come to you. It doesn't happen all the time, it depends on the demon you're dealing with. It could be the devil. There are a lot of factors that go along with it.

In all of the things that you've seen in the supernatural what was a very surprising moment for you in your experience?

I have a few, some of the exorcisms I have dealt with, what I've seen like voice fluctuation like when a women would actually sound like a man the animal sounds I would hear. Anneliese Michel is a perfect example of that the sound that came out of her, the look in the eyes a non-human entity is staring or sitting in front of you and the eyes let you know that, they actually change and I would love to show the world the videos I have, but I don't think I should. It had a very reverse effect on some of the actors when I showed it to them and it changed some of there minds of whether they believed in it or not they were profoundly affected by that.

Eric Bana stars in the film.

What attracted you to the film?

I really love Scott's work. He's a very intelligent guy who knows more about horror than I'll ever know. I loved his previous films ... he just wrote an amazing character. Nothing like I've ever read before and it just happened to be a horror film.

What is different from this character than any other character you've played before?

There's a kind of a redemptive, it's a real brutality to him, there's a complexity, yeah all of the things you dream of as an actor.

Have you fully recovered from the video footage Scott had you guys watch?

I have, I've washed it off of me. No plans of revisiting it.

What do you do to bring yourself back to earth after being in this like horror world?

Watch some sports.

How much of the world cup have you been watching?

Not much because I've been on the road doing this, but Australia's out now so I'm not missing too much.

Where are you vacationing this summer?

Its our winter so, I'll miss out on the summer.

Do you think you're more inclined toward superstition now that you've made this and you've seen footage?

Oh yeah! I'm quite skeptical, but I definitely had my mind open a little bit about it, hanging out with Ralph and Scott and learning more about the cultural and religious aspects of the subject matter it has opened my mind up a little bit.

Which was the most challenging scene to shoot?

Id say the exorcism sequence at the end of the movie which was just awakening insanity but kind of crazy and violent at the same time.

When I was in High School I used to try to find the most cool movies I could and "Chopper" was one of them are you surprised that its still like a cult movie after all of these years?

I feel very very lucky you know, to do any film that people talk about for more than a week is a challenge so it's awesome.

Where would you love to escape to after a movie like this?

The bar! (laughs)

Funny man Joel McHale plays Butler in the film.

Do you like scary movies?

I do like scary movies

What are your favorites?

"The Pick-up Artist" and "How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days" (laughs)

What's easier comedy or horror?

Well it's a serious movie so you dont "play" horror unless I guess you have a character walking around like "That was scary, anyway." (laughs) Believe me when I got the role I was thrilled to get it I was so happy. Scott Derrickson is a genius and to work with Eric Bana, and Olivia and Edgar and Sean Harris, I felt like I had tricked an entire movie studio. I learned how to fight with knives. It took me a month to do it.

Were you trained?

Yes I got trained everyday for two hours a day.

Lulu Wilson stars in the film.

So tell me about your character in the film.

Well my name is Christina and everyone's trying to possess me.

What was that like?

Well, I don't think it scared me a lot, it actually didn't scare me at all so it was pretty fun.

Tell me about working with Eric.

He was really nice and kind.

Tell me about working with Olivia.

She was super nice. She tried to teach me how to b-box, but I wasn't such a good b-boxing student (laughs)

What was the highlight for you with this experience?

Well, I loved every single bit of it. I can't just pick one part and say I loved this one the most.

The Cinema Society hosted a screening of the film at the SVA Theater. From the film: Eric Bana, Olivia Munn, Edgar Ramírez, Joel McHale, Dorian Missick, director Scott Derrickson, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and NYPD Sergeant Ralph Sarchie (on whom the movie is based) all walked the red carpet. The party was at The Skylark, and people drank Qui Tequila cocktails (named Priest's Potion and Dark Spirit, in keeping with the film).

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