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Exclusive: Emma Stone, Jacki Weaver & more talk 'Magic In The Moonlight'

Actors Colin Firth and Emma Stone attend the 'Magic In The Moonlight' premiere hosted by Dolce&Gabbana at the Paris Theater on July 17, 2014 in New York City
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Woody Allen's latest film "Magic In The Moonlight," which he both wrote and directed is set to hit theaters in limited release on July 25 via Sony Pictures Classics. The film boasts a wonderful ensemble consisting of Emma Stone, Colin Firth, Hamish Linklater and Marcia Gay Harden, to name a few. It was shot in the South of France and tells the story of a young woman named Sophie (Stone) who is a psychic and a famous magician Stanley (Firth), is brought in to try to disprove that she has any special abilities. Today on July 21, 2014, we are sharing our cast interviews about the film.

Emma Stone fielded some questions about the project.

What did you love about shooting a period piece in the 20's?

The whole feeling of the era ... all of the costumes were great.

Was there one costume you liked in particular?

I loved my ball gown.

Did you see fortune tellers to prepare for the part?

Not for the part, just for life. Just kidding! I did not, no.

What was it like to work with Woody Allen?

I didn’t know what to expect and then I figured out what to expect.

Did he approach you for the role?


Had he seen your movies?

I have no idea.

You gave an example on Letterman that your long dead grandfather leaves quarters for you, is there one example of that happening?

It happens in various places at all different times. I almost am kind of sad that I told that story, but he told such an honest story. I'm afraid people are gonna prank me with quarters.

Your character claims to be a medium, have you ever been victim to a hoax or scam?

Not consciously.

Do you believe in psychics?

I think I'm open to everything, but I really don't know.

Is going from "Easy A" to Woody Allen, kind of like Elle Woods going to Harvard?

That's a really interesting question. I'm not sure.

We also spoke with Jacki Weaver who stars in the film.

What was the highlight of this experience?

Working with one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. That was it. That was the special part and the script was so good and the cast was wonderful and the location and the whole art direction, costumes, it was a blissful experience.

Can you speak about working with Emma?

I love Emma, she's adorable. She's gorgeous.

We also spoke with the film's Executive Producer Ron Chez. This is his first time producing a film.

Tell us about the film.

It's a romantic comedy about Colin Firth's involvement with Emma Stone in an effort to debunk her saying that she's a mystic.

How did the film come to you?

[Film] is not my business, so we talked about my interest in doing something that is very much different than what I normally do and so the arrangement was if Woody and I got along, then I would be involved in financing the next film which was after "Blue Jasmine," so I did ... It's a bet on Woody's talent, which is a good bet.

Speak about collaborating with Woody.

I don't collaborate with Woody. We exchange what I think are funny emails and talk together and go to dinner on occasion and I'm going to Rhode Island for this next film and I have a part in that.

Are you an actor?

I'm not, but I have a part in that film. And I had a part in this film in a scene, in a casino, but he cut it.

Did you get to hang out on set?

We went there to France and spent time and I spent more time with Woody and the people on the production side.

Can you tell us about the locations in "Magic In The Moonlight"?

They are stunning. They really are ... so it's really very pretty. I was at several of the scenes when they were shooting them.

Fashion house Dolce & Gabbana hosted the film's New York premiere on July 17 at Paris Theater. They dressed many of the attendees including Emma Stone, Audrey Tautou, Christina Hendricks, Margaret Qualley, Colin Firth, Andrew Garfield and Dane DeHaan, to name a few. Other stars who attended the screening included Leslie Bibb, Katie Couric, Dana Delany, Jemima Kirke, Josh Lucas, Andie MacDowell, Regis and his wife Joy Philbin, Leven Rambin, Oliver Stone, Danny Strong, Michael Stuhlbarg, John Turturro, Elizabeth Vargas, Alek Wek, and Anna Wintour, to name a few. A fabulous party followed at Harlow Restaurant.

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