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Exclusive: Director, writer chats 'City of Heavenly Fire' book trailer

Charles Haine, who directed the well-received "City of Lost Souls" book trailer returned to impress fans again with his direction and co-writing (along with Matthew Bell and Jamie Anderson) of the "City of Heavenly Fire" book trailer.

The trailer debuted last Friday and I had the opportunity to ask Haine a few pressing fan questions including if he has read the much anticipated "City of Heavenly Fire." Catch the interview below in an exclusive interview.

Did you get to read any parts of "City of Heavenly Fire?" If so, what one word would you use to describe it?


How long did it take to work on the trailer?

S&S had been talking about wanting a big finale for the series for awhile, but we didn't start in earnest until January when we got a copy of the book and were able to really dig in.

Did Cassie work on the script as she previously did with "City of Lost Souls?"

Due to her other obligations with the movies, the final book, and other promotion she wasn't able to work on this script.

What was the most challenging scene?

The ring of fire.

Most fun to film?

The ring of fire!

Did you feel an added sense of pressure knowing that this was a trailer for a series finale?

Absolutely: we knew the fans had loved some of the previous trailers and we wanted to find a way to balance the love they felt for some previous trailers while hopefully giving them something new and engaging.

What was it like to be back in the Shadowhunter's world?

It was great to dive deeper in this time, bringing a fresh art crew into the world of runes.

There was a lot of fire in that trailer. Did adding that in post production complicate the editing process?

Most of the first was done practically in camera and it was a great experience working with the highly experienced Nick Plantico: he was an overall joy to work with all around, and I can't say enough about it. We always try and go as far as we can in camera then extend it further in post if we need.

What did you think of the book trailer for "City of Heavenly Fire?" The final installment to Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series is out May 27.

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