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Exclusive: Dia Frampton & Will Champlin celebrate Clear hair x 'Voice' campaign

CLEAR hair care is the official hair sponsor for NBC’s The Voice season 6.

On April 15, the hair care product Clear: Scalp & Hair threw a fabulous party to celebrate being the hair sponsor and the first beauty sponsor of NBC's "The Voice." The intimate affair was held at the Crosby Hotel. The brand's international ambassador Miranda Kerr was in attendance and she said how excited she was to be there. She also took countless selfies and photos with guests. She was very gracious. She appears in the brand's commercials. Her hair had a beautiful shine. After introductory remarks and fabulous light bites, which included mini pizzas, salmon and spring rolls, guests were treated to an intimate concert by "The Voice" alum Dia Frampton, Will Champlin and Jacquie Lee. Right after the concert we interviewed Dia Frampton and Will Champlin exclusively. Check out what they had to say:

Dia Frampton

What was life like before "The Voice"?

I would like to say that so many things have changed, but honestly not a lot has changed as far as my day to day life. There's been some amazing opportunities, and some things that have happened that would have never happened if it hadn't been for "The Voice." Of course "The Voice" tour, that wouldn't have happened, I went over and have been a guest on "The Voice" of Vietnam, "The Voice" of China, so I've done some worldwide traveling and The Voice has helped so much in worldwide recognition, and I've gone over to Thailand, and the Philippines, and people have seen me and know me from "The Voice," which is incredible. As far as the day to day goes, before "The Voice," I was in a band, and I've been doing music for years, and I've toured and people keep asking, "Oh this is your first tour!" No, I've been touring for about 10 years now, and they're like "Are you scared to be gone for 5 weeks?" and I've been gone for 8 months on tour at a time, so it's nothing new to me. But being in a bus will be very nice because I'm usually in a van, but day to day has been kind of the same, just working and writing, and recording, and keeping up with social media and everything.

Speak about who your mentor was and what it was like collaborating with them?

My mentor is Blake Shelton, and he is amazing. He's so funny, he actually just texted me a picture of this camera guy on "The Voice" I had a crush on and I was like "I'm going to kill you, don't take pictures of him!" But he's really really great, I can't stress enough what a genuine person he is, he doesn't change for the camera, and that's a really amazing thing that is you're the same when the camera is on and when the camera is off. He took me on tour for three months and really helped me get on my feet. I love Blake, and he's so amazing. Getting to perform with him on stage during "The Voice," and I performed with his wife, Miranda, during the finale, one of her songs, it was a duet, it was kind of a surreal moment in my life. Just lots of good moments.

What's next for you?

I'm going record an EP on Monday actually, it's been years of preparing and writing, I've solidified a producer, his name is Joseph Trapanese, he did the score for "Oblivion," "The Raid," "The Raid 2," "Tron" and he's incredible. I've worked with him for years so I really trust him and we're going to do 5 songs together into an EP so that's my main focus right now.

We also spoke with Will Champlin.

What was life like before "The Voice"?

I've been working on my music for years, songwriting, playing, singing, session work for other people. I toured playing keyboard for Glen Frey from the Eagles, I played piano on one of Michael Jackson's album, just a lot of jumping around, day to day just really busy, played gig after gig ... I just kept songwriting, and producing and I actually auditioned for "The Voice" a couple times, the third time and I got through.

So what was it like collaborating with your mentor?

Adam Levine was great, we kept in touch, too. He tweeted my last song that I dropped, and it was really great, he's somebody that's frontman and rock and roll. He's been in the business a long time, so he's got a lot to talk about. We definitely did some talking. We share a lot of the same experiences growing up especially in San Fernando Valley area, we're both valley dudes, I'm from Encino and he's from Tarzana, which were pretty much next to each other. It was a great experience.

What's next for you?

I'm trying to do a lot at once. I'm trying to work on this album, I'm three quarters of the way done, focusing on this single drop, talking to a radio company right now that's really big behind this next song, called "Eye of the Pyramid," kind of like and Imagine Dragons, System of The Down, that's dub step, rock, and really aggressive song with pretty intense lyrical content. Really just focusing on that, so there's a lot going on at once.

"Clear and the Voice are creating custom content starring past artists of 'The Voice' to spotlight how season 5 winner Tessanne Chin and fan favorites Will Champlin (season 5), Jacquie Lee (season 5) and Dia Frampton (season 1) build their inner strength and resilience to put on their best performance each time they take the stage. The spots chronicle their journey to living like a rock star as they prepare for the first-ever Voice Live Tour (coming to 20 cities this summer). The content airs in-show each week," Clear said in a release.

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