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EXCLUSIVE: Details of 50 Cent, SlowBucks Summer Jam fight leaked

50 Cent at Summer Jam 2014
50 Cent at Summer Jam 2014
50 Cent Instagram

A fight that initially received little notice during 50 Cent’s performance at last night’s HOT 97 Summer Jam concert became the talk of social media after rumors spread regarding a chain snatching, members of brand management team SlowBucks getting beat up, and other tomfoolery.

While 50 was performing on stage with a huge entourage that included Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, Fabolous, Nas, and dozens of others, something was clearly taking place behind him. Video from several media outlets show men gathering towards the back of the stage, and 50 briefly interrupts the performance to see what the problem is. He quickly returns to the show, but there is unrest for several minutes afterwards. A video on clearly shows a man’s gold jewelry being snatched off of him while he is falling to the ground.

An industry source was at the Stadium Stage during 50’s performance, and recounted to exactly what he knows and witnessed. “This all started from 50 Cent’s son [Marquise Jackson] and SlowBucks smoking weed together,” he said in an exclusive interview. “50 saw the picture and said, ‘Wrong move.’”

The source said that the photo was in addition to the one that Windsor “Slow” Lubin posted to his Instagram account on April 24 with himself, Marquise, former G-Unit rapper Trav, and Rodney “Bucks” Charlemagne. On that photo, 50 commented “This picture was a Bad idea.”

50 has had well-documented problems with Trav in the past, including Twitter arguments between the two, threats of violence, and 50 pushing Trav in an August 2013 video. According to the Summer Jam source, the weed smoking photo and Marquise’s picture with Trav provoked 50’s anger, and when Slow was spotted by one of 50’s entourage members, it was over for him.

“A Spanish dude was next to 50 in a fitted shirt,” the source told “He punched Slow in the face... cold-cocked him! He fell back, and the chain got snatched.” He also said that Slow was stomped on by several people. Apparently, SlowBucks didn’t have security with them last night.

“No bodyguard. He had two n****s with him, but he had no help,” he said. “The one n**** backed away, like he didn’t want them to see that he was with [Slow],” the source said, laughing.

Allegedly, Bucks went to grab some of their other boys, but it was too late. “They had to pick [Slow] up and carry him out,” the source stated.

There was also a heavy police presence at the concert, and reportedly more than one altercation in the artists’ holding area that resulted in injuries and arrests. “It looked like central booking and ‘General Hospital’ ER,” the source recounted. Neither 50 Cent nor SlowBucks have released a comment regarding the incident.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated "Neither 50 Cent nor SwagBucks have released a comment regarding the incident," and has been corrected to read "SlowBucks."

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