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Exclusive: Designer Jeremy Scott talks Fall 2014 & upcoming Moschino collection

Today on Feb. 16, is excited to share highlights from an exclusive interview with Jeremy Scott after his Fall 2014 presentation in the American Express Lounge at Milk Studios as a part of Made Fashion Week.

Jeremy Scott Fall 2014 Presentation
Getty Images
An intimate conversation with Jeremy Scott in the American Express Lounge at Made Fashion Week.

Speak about your design process.

Jeremy Scott: I just really purely feel things and they just come from within. I don't really dissect it or try to decipher it. I feel like I have my own kind of world and I know to pick on different parts to explore, at different times.

When you get an idea, do you instantly start sketching?

Jeremy Scott: Well, I think everything’s different...[With the Tube Sock Dress] I had the idea for several years, but I didn’t have the right collection for it to fit into. And I just really loved it and I always really wanted to do this Tube Sock dress, where you had the whole heel and the rest of the sock following and I just set out to make this make sense and I built around it this time. So there are some ideas I have that incubate for a number of years and there are some things that are very instantaneous so they all kind of have their own sort of journey.

It was recently announced that you are the creative director of Moschino and will be showing your F/W collection in Milan on Feb. 20. What can you tell us?

Jeremy Scott: I’m very excited to show a different part of me and some new inspirations there.

How is your Moschino collection going to be different from Jeremy Scott, your personal collection?

Jeremy Scott: Well, I tried to think about different aspects of the brand and what I loved about it and what resonated with people about it. So I wanted to play at one point with the tailoring and the suiting they they've done over the years ... and I really tried to do my take ... I played with the aspect of Moschino street wear and how prevalent it was and played with these elements of the brand and logos and identification that it had this kind of more fun street wear kind of vibe. And then elegant evening wear for going to the opera and doing something that's hopefully going to surprise you and excite you!

You’ve dressed the biggest names in music Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Fergie etc. Why do you think your brand resonates with celebrities so strongly?

Jeremy Scott: I feel like my show is kind of like a rock concert and I think of the models as a rock band or a pop band, so I think it’s just kind of my approach.

How are you going to balance being a creative director and having your own collection?

Jeremy Scott: I’m working on it now. I look at it like this: I live in LA and everyone has to commute to work, I just have to commute a little further.

I read that you’re very close to your mother and she must be very proud. Talk to us about your relationship with her.

Jeremy Scott: My family is a super tight close knit little small group and they’re here...They’ve been with me obviously since birth and I love them and talk to them all the time and they’re very much a part of my everyday life.

Does the club scene ever influence your designs?

Jeremy Scott: I think about a lot of things from my childhood and I think about my college years and being in New York and going out and how much fun I had getting dressed up and the passion I had for it at that time. So in that respect, yes. I think about how much fun it was - that the club scene at that time was so vibrant ... there was so much excitement about just going, putting something on and showing up and having this moment, so yeah, I definitely do think about it at times.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Jeremy Scott: I’m always really flexible about what kind of music I listen to. I love hip hop, I love pop music. I listen to lots of indie things. I like some Country music. The only thing I never really liked is reggae ... But other than that, I listen to lots of things like dance music.

To Jeremy Scott's sister, what was he like growing up?

Jeremy Scott's Sister: He was a really creative and talented child, even as a little person. As a small child, he was opinionated about his clothes, what he would wear. He was particular, he liked to choose his own clothes. Lots of kids, you can just put whatever on them. He wasn't that kind of kid. And then as a teenager in high school he was constantly drawing clothing and crosses and things and I remember when Madonna was coming out and he was drawing crosses on everything and then I see this pop star and a year later and she's wearing crosses on everything, so I feel like he's been before his time his whole life.

You’ve worked with many K Pop groups, like 2NE1 most notably, what is it about them that made you so attracted to them?

Jeremy Scott: CL is one of my best friends and their first debut video they were wearing my clothes that their stylist had gotten for them and I loved the way they looked and the sound of the music seemed so unique and their video was so elaborate and interesting and ... they just carried my clothes so well. So when I first came to Korea, for a trip for Adidas ... I asked to meet them and we did a photo shoot together and I really fell in love with them. They’re so unique and each one of their personalities is lovely and cool ... and I just grew to be very close friends with them.

This conversation was a special perk, which only American Express card members were given access to after they saw Scott's runway show. Notables that we spotted in the front row included Joe Jonas, Kat Graham, EJ Johnson from "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills," Jared Leto, Charlie XCX, Susie Bubble, Perez Hilton, Michelle Salem, Josh Madden, Caroline Byron, Eric West, Tashiana Washington, Shaun Ross, Patricia Field, Coco Rocha, Zendaya, Liz Goldwyn, and Mickey Boardman. Soon the locker room inspired presentation began. Tunes that blasted included Queen's "We Will Rock You," LL Cool J's "Rock The Bells," and Tone-Lōc's "Wild Thing." Collection highlights included fuzzy jersey and the tube sock dresses. What made the experience extra special is after the intimate Q&A, card members got to take photos with Jeremy and he graciously gave everyone a hug.

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