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Exclusive: Designer Charlotte Ronson talks Tiny Prints stationery collaboration

Charlotte Ronson is now designing stationery!
Photo by Rommel Demano/Getty Images

As part of the National Stationery Show in New York, Shutterfly, held their Designer Soirée on May 20 at the Bowery Hotel’s terrace and lounge. For the event, Shutterfly and its subsidiaries, Tiny Prints and Wedding Paper Divas brought together their talented designers from across the country who come from diverse backgrounds in print, graphic and web design.

Designer Jenny Romanski of Hello Little One, who has worked with Tiny Prints for seven years said “You’re only as strong as your weakest link. You want your design to stand out but you want the other designers to complement your collection. You want people to feel like there is something for everyone." Fashion designer Charlotte Ronson, who attended Shutterfly Designer Soirée, just joined the ranks of the elite team of stationery designers and will launch her first personal stationery line with Tiny Prints the end of June.

When Tiny Prints, who has done past collaborations with fashion designers such as Rebecca Minkoff and Tory Burch, approached Ronson about the collaboration Ronson said, “I was really excited about the opportunity. I’ve always loved little personal touches. We get so lazy with just sending an email or evite. Sometimes it's kind of fun to write that card, write that thank you note or write that invitation. I’m always a sucker for that.”

The Charlotte Ronson stationery collection follows the inspirations for her Fall 2014 line. “My girl this Fall is a little more serious, a little bit spooky, a hopeless romantic, dark and mysterious,” Ronson told us. The line uses a darker palette, with patterns that are strong and muted at the same time with lace detailing, scalloped details that is handsome, feminine.

To design the stationery, Ronson first gathered her favorite pieces and items that reflected what she wanted to show in the collection. “All my prints are so important and just really speak to my brand and my girl,” said Ronson. “At the same time, they really work on a card. It still feels very holiday and girly and feminine.” She leveraged from her clothing line the florals, embroideries and mesh lace. Once she had the initial concepts she worked with the Tiny Prints design team to refine the designs.

Stationery designer Jill Smith, who started in corporate design, elaborated on the process with Tiny Prints, “It’s a true collaboration. I’ll put my best foot forward and try to do a design I think will sell well. Based on what their needs are, we work together and they’ll say, ‘we want this one but we want this little change or tweak.’ It’s truly fun because they’re designers; we’re designers”.

Charlotte Ronson’s collection will include party invitations, personal stationery and holiday cards. As with all
Tiny Prints designs, customer’s will be able to customize items with color, paper and edge trim options. This could be concerning for many designs but Tiny Prints not only removes the management and distribution but brings their expertise and high quality products.

Romanski added “With Tiny Prints, you know it will be first class, amazing paper, amazing customer service but the design people choose is based on their personality. I know the choices the customer has made will always look incredible. As a designer, I don’t have to worry about it because Tiny Prints has it figured out.”

Of the process, Ronson said, “It’s always fun to venture into different areas and still be creative and still keep it unique and authentic to you. That’s always a struggle but it’s always exciting to work with another company where that is their forte and their strength. You are working with the best and learning from the best and are still able to keep it your own."

Can we expect any more stationery from Charlotte Ronson? We might. Ronson said since designing her first line for Tiny Prints she keeps having new ideas pop into her head for new designs. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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