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Exclusive clip from ‘Louder Than Words’

David Duchovny (“The X-Files,” “Californication”), Hope Davis {“The Matador,” “Real Steel”), and Timothy Hutton (“Ordinary People,” “Leverage”) star in the heartbreaking story of how the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital came to be in “Louder Than Words.” The film is available to watch on VOD now and will release to limited theaters on Aug. 1.

The Chico Movie Examiner has an exclusive clip from the film to share with his readers. In this clip, the Fareri family is spending some quality time together by painting a section of their home. Maria Fareri (Olivia Steele-Falconer) introduces the viewer to everyone.

First, we meet the triplets. There’s Julie, who is the “oldest” and constantly reminds the other two that she is older. Steph is the rebellious one who doesn’t say the right things at the right times. And Michael is called “snark central.”

Maria then moves to introduce us to her parents. There’s her father, John (Duchovny), who is the quiet one of the bunch. The mother, Brenda (Davis), interrupts the narration and says the painting reminds her of the first date that she and John had. Maria is the only one of the children interested in hearing the story.

Louder Than Words” focuses on how the Fareri family rebuilds their lives after the death of Maria. There are times of struggle, but something good comes out of it, too. John comes up with the idea to build a children’s hospital in honor of Maria. Now the family must go through the legal troubles and all the other situations in order to get the hospital up and running.

The movie also stars Xander Berkley (“Salem,” “Amistad”), Adelaide Kane (“Reign” “The Purge”), Craig Bierko (“For Your Consideration”), and Ben Rosenfield (“Boardwalk Empire”). Be sure to catch it on iTunes on OnDemand or at any select theaters at which it is playing.

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