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Exclusive: Chinx previews his mixtape 'Cocaine Riot 4' at listening party in NYC

via Sam Eltosam

The faucet has been smoothly running in regards to the leakage of Chinx’s latest material, and although we’ve somewhat got a sense of what to expect from his undeniable hit “Feelings” with French Montana, an assortment of elite journalists and tastemakers were granted exclusive access to a full-run through at Jungle City Studios (located in the Chelsea area) of his forthcoming mixtape release Cocaine Riot 4, slated for a May 15th drop on Sponsored by Avion liquor and promotional crew Team Legion, who presented attendees with free drinks and appetizers, one couldn’t deny that booming bass blasting through the speakers, as Chinx’s newest and raucous offering blared all through the venue – even making it all the way up to the beautifully set-up rooftop – where voluptuous lady-types occupied and sipped Jeezy’s drink of choice, mainly to escape the ponged aroma of the loudest strands to mankind.

Chinx slated to drop 'Cocaine Riot 4' on May 15th

With the room dimly lit, the Queens native and Coke Boy representative felt right at home with his guests, feeling extremely thankful for their undying support during the night’s festivities, while he and his DJ sifted through a handful of drum-laced gems (a total of 9 to be exact) off the pending set. Apart from the sauna-like atmosphere, in which at times was unbearable, the backdrop and whiffs of sticky green played right into the catchiness of a couple of records, causing a trickle of guests to screw their faces in delight, and throw them bows like it was 2000 all over again.

Stacked with a ton of rattling beats, as evident on the French Montana assisted “I Want to Know,” produced by the Renegades, the two find themselves indulged in the usual back-and-forth fest of braggadocios sly talk – equipped with the regular Lambo jargon and cash flossing lingo – we’re all accustomed to from these fly Coke Boys. A$AP Mob member, A$AP Ferg, slides right into pocket and mellows out his gangster-infused rhymes alongside Chinx on the thumping “What You See,” in which the pair are spitting hard-hitting lines about being ready for war with their 9 millimeters – and preparing for any individual who tries to catch them off guard.

Two other songs, “Floor Up” and “I Ain’t Gon’ Lie” aren’t necessarily fillers per se, but they don’t quite equate to the bouncy “Let’s Get It” with ATL newcomer Young Thug, which we rest assure will be a club-scorcher in the nightclub scene this coming summer. Attempting to balance it out, Chinx calls upon his partner-in-crime French Montana on the poignantly written “Thank You,” a candid cut expressing his love for the man upstairs, as he has blessed him and his posse with prosperity and wealth, and he also reflects on how through these trying times and deaths of loved ones, he has gotten him through his darkest days. Chinx has a winner here, but like all eager fans, you must be patient and download it free when it becomes available for your listening pleasure tomorrow (May 15th).

Hit the slideshow for a full recap and click on this link to preview his single "Couple N***as" from the upcoming project.

Also, here's an interview DJ Zeke scored with Chinx as he talked about collaborating with Young Thug on the tape.

UPDATE: Chinx's tape is now available for download and stream courtesy of Grab a copy over here.

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