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Exclusive: Byron Lars talks HSN collection

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Getty Images
Designer Byron Lars attends the HSN Fashion Week Lounge At The Empire Hotel in New York City

With over 20 years of industry experience, fashion veteran Bryon Lars will debut an HSN exclusive collection on Feb. 27. "BYRON Byron Lars" consists of form flattering dresses and crisp button down shirts, inspired by Byron’s signature classic designs. Today on Feb. 18 we are excited to share our interview with Byron. This new collection ranged from $69.90 to $119.90. The garments in the collection are core, staple pieces that everyone needs in their wardrobes that can be worn with everything. The pieces are ones that are versatile for events as well as work, and can be elevated with other trendy pieces in your wardrobe. We like the wrap details and silhouettes of the pieces will help your body shine because Lars wants to celebrate a woman’s curves.

What prompted you to create this collection and what inspired you?

It all started really getting back to the classics, which classic isn’t the right word, but it's just really special. Taking something ordinary and elevating it to something special with pieces already in your closet. To really get into those core pieces that you just really want to wear again and again.

When you mean classics, do you mean button-up shirts, blazers, dresses?

A white shirt, for instance that swaddles you and gives you an hourglass figure, and becomes flattering and kind of sexy. It's an everyday, any day, versatile piece.

So would you say that the average woman could pull pieces from your collection and mix and match with items already in their wardrobe?

Yes, it's about getting those staple, core pieces that are still special, but you can pair with anything, and becomes your go to shirt. Also that dress you wore yesterday, but your problem is that you want to wear it again today. That’s what its really about.

So with a lot of your pieces, it’s a classic silhouette, but with more modern elements. Would you say that your collection is classic with a twist?

Absolutely, that’s an accurate assessment of the collection. But if it doesn’t have a wrap or a twist, it will have something to contour to the body, and flatter the body like darts. Somewhere along the line darts has a negative connotation to them, mainly because the clothes don’t look good on the hanger without the lumps and curves to make it work. I think sometimes people flatten it out to make it look better on the hanger, but then it doesn’t look good on the woman.

So you’re all about making pieces that flatter and contour to a woman’s body?

Yes, it's not making her look better, it's showing how great she looks, making clothes that give her body an opportunity for her body to shine. It's like body-conscious, but not tight.

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