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Exclusive behind-the-scenes scoop and party pics of 2014 film fest in SW Florida

On March 20, 2014, the first photos of the Fort Myers Film Festival (FMff) guest entourage were released. The guests received red carpet treatment at the festival's March 19 premiere in Fort Myers, Fla.

 Melissa Tschari DeHaven with Mayor Henderson
Mayor Henderson and Melissa Tschari DeHaven, Photo: Courtesy
FMff Red Carpet
Bill and Destiny Haggett with Eric Raddatz, Photo: Courtesy

The red carpet was rolled out at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall in Fort Myers on Wednesday night.

The premiere, however, is just the beginning of the many festivities that will be in store for those attending the full five days of FMff !

"The Fort Myers Film Festival (FMff) is an intelligent independent filmmaker's preferred event to create, unite and showcase the finest artistic cinematic works. FMff is known for world-class swagger and support of local filmmakers. The festival event offers ‘the most vibrant intellectual and edgy crowd to grace Lee County in decades.’The event has featured over four dozen local filmmakers is a must attend for those who love indie film and film festivals living in Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties." - FMff

FMff's premiere was held at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall. Additional locations will include:

  • Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center
  • Alliance for the Arts
  • Broadway Palm Theatre

Some of the guests' party time moments (see slideshow) include exclusive photos of the red carpet event and the parties that followed.

Learn more about FMff at FMff Television, Twitter, TGIM, Media, and more!

For any changes or additions concerning FMff activities and photos, please contact this writer at

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