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Exclusive: Backstage at Tess Giberson's Fall 2014 show with helped curate the look for Tess Giberson Fall 2014 helped curate the look for Tess Giberson Fall 2014
Erin Baino was backstage at Tess Giberson's Fall 2014 presentation at Pier 59 with on Feb. 8. Young models displayed the outdoorsy northeastern inspired collection with ease and a fun attitude. The flirty all American collection had woods inspired prints styled with leather bottoms and heavy knits. For being a casual collection, the pieces had intricate details such as the seaming and non conventional cuts. For a winter collection, every look was extremely polished and far from boring. The styling of the entire collection was right on point.

James Pecis for styled the model's hair using PHYTO & T3 Tools. "Tess keeps saying that the inspiration came from "LL Bean and a game of telephone." So it's that very northeastern kind of woodsy feel to it. There's a lot of big oversized knits to it, plaids, and I think she wanted to keep the romanticism in the hair, so we did something really soft a loose little chignon in the back and all the girls have a little bit of a tough that sticks out on the right side just so when they are walking you see a little bit. I think that little detail keeps it from becoming too lady. is our sponsor for the entire week, which made my life wonderful! T3 gave us all the electronics and we are using the blow dryers today," Pecis told exclusively.

"We are spraying the dry hair from roots to ends and blow drying it. If the hair is really soft you can do another layer. Then we do a off centered part, put the workable hairspray and you are building sort of a Brillo pad cushion for the pins to stick into. Then you pull the hair back into a ponytail and tie it and then about half way down the ponytail. You are going to put another rubber band on it. Then you get the workable hairspray and spray the middle area. What you are creating is this stiffer piece that when you just twist it up with one pin it stays," he added.

We also spoke with Dick Page backstage at Tess Giberson, who is the artistic director of Shiseido. Dick Page used the Ophelia lacquer rouge to add a natural color to the models’ lips, and a combination of the rose grey and viola tones for the cheeks. Page avoided the concealer under the eyes to achieve a natural and outdoorsy look that would go along with the collection.

Jin Soon curated the nails for the presentation. The nail art for this collection is based on the combination of a rugged outdoorsy style and a luxurious style. The reversed French manicure consisted of two coats of metallic black Jin Soon nail polish. After it dried, a thin arc of JINsoon Kookie White color.

James Pecis also worked on Rachel Comey's Fall 2014 presentation for using PHYTO & T3 Tools on Wed., Feb 5. You can achieve this “slightly punk rock look , reminiscent of an employee at Dover Street Market with a hair allowance” by completing the following steps:

1. If the hair is wet, begin by using the T3Featherweight Luxe 2i, to dry the hair. To create natural waves, use the T3 SinglePass Twirl Curling Iron

2. Separate the hair into sections and back comb from root to tip to create texture

3. Rough dry the PHYTO Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray into the hair for volume

4. Create a deep side part and back comb pieces working from tip to root. Mist with PHYTO Professional Workable Holding Spray to help keep hair in place and tucked behind the ears

5. Clip hair back and away from the face. Using an elastic thread, sew hair in place with two stitches from the nape of the neck to the back of the hair. This will secure the hair into place while also giving it room to move

6. Finish the look by pulling out a couple pieces of the hair from one side of the head for an asymmetrical, textured look. Finish with PHYTO Phytolaque Soie (coming soon to

7. Spray hands with PHYTO Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray and gently pat
down the deep side part to keep the hair in place

Estefania Garcia-Correa contributed reporting.

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