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Exclusive: Backstage at Emerson's Fall 2014 presentation with Miss Pop x Essie

Miss Pop worked with essie for the nails at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.
Miss Pop worked with essie for the nails at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.
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For Emerson's Fall 2014 presentation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Feb. 7, Miss Pop Nails for essie worked closely with Jackie Fraser-Swan to create three distinct, creative nail looks inspired by the collection; “Shattered Mirror”, “Negative Space Knit”, and “Elipse.”

“Shattered Mirror”, was inspired by the witching theme and the shattered mirror at the start of the show. To create this look, Miss Pop used two coats of licorice. Once the nail is completely dry, with no place like chrome take most of the polish off the brush and strike the polish across the nail with a flick of the wrist to create a shattered effect with along a bottom of the nail.

The knit pieces and sexy femininity of the line inspired “Negative Space Knit”. Miss Pop likes to create a sexy looks by showing some of the natural nail saying “it’s like showing a bit of cleavage or a bit of leg with mini skirt”. This look is created by cutting a thin V-shaped piece of painter’s tape then applying to the center of each nail with wide end at the cuticle. Next, apply two coats of licorice over the entire nail. Once dry, using a sponging technique developed by Miss Pop, take a piece of paper towel (the cheaper and more porous the better) and apply a small amount of master plan then gently dab on each nail to create a textured look. Apply the top coat after removing the painter’s tape. Miss Pop notes that the V of natural nail is very elongating to the nail and slenderizing to the finger. Miss Pop noted, “The last thing you want to think is ‘oh, my fingers are fat’. We have so many body parts we are worried about but all I see is my nails, so from here I feel five pounds lighter.” You can’t beat that philosophy.

For the last last look, “Eclipse”, Fraser-Swan and Miss Pop wanted something moon related. To create this look, use V-shaped pieces of painter’s tape applied horizontally on each nail. Apply two coats of lilacism to the bottom portion of the nail and two coats of licorice to the top half of each nail. Remove the painter’s tape then apply the top coat.

All looks should used the essie ridge filiing base coat and be finished with essie good to go top coat.

For the show a team of essie nail artist painted on looks on the models natural nail while they were in hair and make-up. Often, for expediency and perfection the designs are pre-painted on press-on nails for runway shows. For these looks, Miss Pop wanted to show that you can do nail art on natural nails really fast. She says, “A lot of people get daunted thinking, ‘I don’t have four hours to do my nails’. You don’t have to. There are looks that can take two hours but there are looks that take 15 minutes and we are showing three of those today.”

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