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Exclusive: ‘Bachelorette’ Trista Sutter shares gratitude in ‘Happily Ever After'

Trista Sutter offers fans hope in a ‘Happily Ever After’
Trista Sutter/book cover

Trista Sutter is living proof that The Bachelorette and The Bachelor reality shows can be successful. The fairy tale romance of Trista Rehn and her beau Ryan Sutter still is the best reality TV romance. I got the chance to talk with Trista Stutter on Monday and life for this star sounds spectacular. Trista has found love, gratitude, happiness and even made time to write a new book called Happily Ever After.

Every Bachelorette fan who remembers Trista and Ryan will tell you their relationship defined real romance for TV viewers. The couple celebrated their 10th anniversary on December 6, 2013, and their relationship is solid as the Rocky Mountains where the family now resides.

Trista Sutter's whirlwind love story will be in the upcoming ABC special on January 19, and it’s obvious that couple is still madly in love. The Bachelor: Bachelor Love Stories, will feature the couple and offer a recap for all those fans who have wondered how their lives have turned out 10 years later. However their two children won’t be watching as the couple haven’t told the kids their meeting was on television.

“Because they are four and six and they don’t understand,” said Trista Sutter explaining at some point it will happen. “We are waiting for the right time.” When that might be hasn't been determined, but it’s doubtful it will be watching television.

Fans of the reality TV stars might be surprised to learn that Trista and Ryan are extremely pleased with their quiet and active lifestyle in Colorado. With two kids and a happy home, they don’t typically go out to look for the cameras. Perhaps that is why the new book project is so special to Trista Sutter.

Offering a Gratitude Attitude Every Day

Trista started a gratitude journal years ago after seeing the suggestion on Oprah’s talk show. Only 20, the idea stuck and she started to change her perspective. Years later Sutter is still using a journal and now she wants to share this happiness with others.

“It’s been incredible,” said Trista Sutter about her journey. “Gratitude is all about appreciating the little things and finding celebration.” Trista suggests starting with the simple things that people often look to bring simple joy in life. Tweeting about one thing you are thankful for every day or throwing a party for no reason at all.

Happily Ever After isn't a book about Trista's life surrounding reality television. Instead the nonfiction book offers tips on the importance of living a thankful life and expressing gratitude for everything that comes your way. Drawing from her personal experiences as well as other people who have the same philosophy, she gives examples on how people can be very happy wherever their journey leads them.

So where does Trista Sutter’s journey go next? The star is slated to be on the Bethenny Show in January, but she has bigger plans too. Hoping in the future to write another book, this time for children, she hopes to continue sharing her joy with others.

Happily Ever After by Trista Sutter can be purchased at Amazon. Check out the reviews on the bookseller's site too. Fans have pointed out the impact this Bachelorette’s book has made a big difference!

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