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Exclusive: 'American Ninja Warrior' demands determination on obstacle course

Matt Iseman hosts American Ninja Warrior
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

The “American Ninja Warrior” season six premiere will have viewers around the country cheering on their favorite competitors. The NBC show might be heading into a tough summer lineup of programming, but fans shouldn't over look this impressive reality show. Getting the opportunity to see the show taped live in Venice Beach, the exclusive look at the obstacle course is impressive and it is extreme. According to Zap2It on Monday, the show is modeled after the Japanese television series "Sasuke."

This season the show, "American Ninja Warrior" travels to five cities for qualifying rounds. With Los Angeles, Dallas, St. Louis, Miami and Denver seeing some of the best competitions, the finals are held in Las Vegas.

Watching the qualification round in Venice Beach, we got a seat to see what it is like to be part of the show. The beachfront property was converted from a marketplace of random vendors and performers to a stage for epic athletes. People from all over the Los Angeles area filled the seats to see the course and was witness to the physical strength needed by the contestants to overcome the different challenges.

The competitors were so close to our seats, that the beads of sweat could be seen dripping from their faces. The determination of every contestant participating was seen too. The chance to be in the "American Ninja Warrior" finals and possibly win half a million dollars was on the line. The competitors have been practicing all year and the chance to prove their worth all came down to tenacity, strength and a good dose of luck.

Sitting in the audience, it was impossible to stop cheering for the competitors on during the show. It's a personal achievement that each competitor solely wants to conquer and it was impossible to ignore how hard they had worked to get to this point in the competition. Fans wanted to be part of this moment too.

"American Ninja Warrior" returns for Season 6 but as fans know the extreme obstacle course competition has yet to produce a winner to complete the four-stage course modeled after the infamous Mt. Midoriyama after first completing a qualifying round. There are ten obstacles in the qualifying round, including the Slack Ladder, Jumping Bars and Cannonball Alley. When looking at the extreme obstacle course in person, it’s understandable why this competition is so tough. There are few people who would have the strength to conquer it all. Perhaps season six will offer a winner for America to see.

If viewers ever get to see "American Ninja Warrior" live, don't miss the opportunity to pick up tickets. It gives fans a deep appreciation of how the reality show offers a platform to serious contestants. "American Ninja Warrior" is an epic show where fans watch as amazing individuals make winning their mission.

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