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Exciting Times Ahead!

September 2nd show - 8pm - 10pm
Lea Boyce

Have you ever been so excited you couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, could hardly breathe. When you knew that everything was about to change, that this one action was the ultimate gamechanger? With that excitement came the fear, the numbing, pulsating, deep in your belly fear that shouts "WHAT IF IT FAILS?"

Dear readers, I share your pain as I launch my new online radio show, All Things Employment on What if no one listens? what if they don't like or appreciate my information, comments, humor? OMG, what if they don't like me?

You see how this relates to getting a job? Even though i am confident of my skills and ability to produce and host my online radio show, the fear is still there. Even though you know that you are the right person for the job, the fear is still there.

Which is a natural and understandable calamity.

However, people,

I will launch my radio show AND you will like it. WHY?

you will go for the interview and they will like you. WHY?

Because we are good at what we do. Because we have invested time in our craft. Because we have the experience and expertise to be successful. Because we are unique in our words, thoughts, and action. and that will make all the difference.

Check me out - take a listen. first show starts on September 2nd from 8pm - 10pm and airs everyday at the same time. New show airs every Tuesday. Job leads and employers, experts and industry leaders, book reviews, tutorials, and more.

Have a question you need answered?

we are also on facebook.

and on youtube.

To purchase my books or services, please go here.

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