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Exciting planetary shifts abound

I am thrilled to report that Saturn stationed direct at 16 degrees of Scorpio yesterday afternoon. Now is the time to focus on your goals and take action!!! This year has been a succession of retrogrades -- one after the other. Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn have all been retrograde at points during this year. When a planet is retrograde, the energy of the planet is thwarted. We also had difficult eclipses in April during the unprecedented Cardinal Cross, so it has been a very disruptive and frustrating year for many.

That said, there has been such a shift of energy since last week, and a lot of changes continue. There is a lot to to look forward to now. It is also an excellent time to strategize for the future. As many of you know, Jupiter, the luck magnet planet, changed signs and entered the feisty, fun, and creative sign of Leo on July 16, 2014, where it will tour through August 12, 2015. It is time to expand by doing what you love. It is a time to express yourself creatively and have some fun! This next 13 months, you will expand by developing your self expression and opening your heart.

I am even more excited to share the news that Saturn, the planet of structure, is now direct at 16 degrees of Scorpio. This is excellent news because Saturn helps to solidify plans and bring form to goals. Saturn has been in the deep, fixed sign of Scorpio since October 6, 2012. Scorpios and Tauruses have taken been affected the most, as well as the other fixed signs of Aquarius and Leo. However, everyone has been impacted by this cycle, which will end on December 24, 2014 when Saturn enters the fire sign of Sagittarius. Saturn will briefly return to Scorpio from June 16, 2014 through September 19, 2015; but, most of its mission will be complete by the end of the year.

Scorpio is an emotionally deep sign, and Saturn's journey has been a very transformative time for all us. Scorpio is the sign of intimacy, and Saturn's journey in Scorpio has been all about facing and addressing fears of intimacy,control issues, joint resources, debt, taxes, and psychological blocks.

Scorpio is the phoenix that rises from the ashes. Scorpio rules sex, death, and rebirth. If you had emotional blocks from the past which had been swept aside, Saturn in Scorpio inevitably dug up those issues in the past few years, in order for you to face them and heal. Scorpio is a very healing sign when used to the highest good, and it is a sign which can rise again and again. Each of us has had some kind emotional rebirth in the last couple of years.

Saturn stationed retrograde on March 2, 2014 and has been on hold since that time. Now that it is direct again, it is time to crystallize your goals, restructure what you want to build, and plan ahead. Saturn turning direct helps us to access that Saturn energy and connect with our ambitions and get things accomplished.

Mars, the planet of drive and ambition, leaves its tenuous placement in Libra, where it has been stuck since December 8, 2014. Seven months is an incredibly long time for Mars to be in one sign. Mars is debilitated in Libra, as it is in its fall in the sign of Libra. The fact that it was retrograde for several months and part of the Grand Cross made it a nightmare for many.

Mars is about to get very busy, as it enters the determined water sign of Scorpio on July 25, 2014 and will remain in Scorpio through September 13, 2014. Mars loves being in Scorpio as it infuses one's goals and drive with passion and intensity. This is a phenomenal time to get things done.

Uranus stations retrograde today at 16 degrees of Aries, so that is another change going on in the sky. It makes an uncomfortable aspect to Saturn, so it could make people feel a little irritable. This, too, shall pass, as Saturn is moving forward once again! Here's to getting busy and moving forward.

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