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Exchange it and change

Buffalo Exchange logo

If your interested in possibly cleaning out your closet I have a suggestion for you.  This time if your wishing you could maybe make a few extra bucks on clothes you bought and didn't wear or clothes that are still in good condition, bring them to your nearest Buffalo Exchange.  Here you can either sell your clothes and get cash, or an in store credit.  On the website they occasionally give you an idea of what they are looking for, but if they do not, it is usually, the best selling items of the season, good condition merchandise, and items for the upcoming season.

 The Buffalo Exchange in Lakeview has a promotion going on right now, if you bring in mens jackets, tees,denim, or pants you receive 5 dollars off any purchase of 20 dollars or more.  

I really enjoy going into Buffalo Exchange, a lot of people have the wrong impression and think the merchandise is all vintage and weird.  But I guarantee everyone can find something that fits their style.  The other day I went and purchased an Express high-waisted skirt that was originally 70 dollars ( still had the tags on) for only 18.95.  Deals you can't find anywhere else, and interesting but trendy items.  Being a poor college student, or just anyone who is looking to save a couple bucks, it is a convenient stop to make next time your in the area.  

For more info: Visit your local Buffalo Exchange or