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Excerpt from 'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood's book released

Amber Portwood is happy now and ready to tell her story
Amber Portwood's Twitter

Some of the girls of “Teen Mom” are using their influence for good and giving fans an inside look at their lives. While some may argue that fans get that by watching the “Teen Mom” show on MTV, the cameras don’t always capture everything and, when they do, they aren’t always accurate due to editing. By writing memoirs, though, the girls are able to get their stories out and Amber Portwood is the next girl from the show to put her story into words. According to a July 9 report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, an excerpt from the upcoming book has been released.

“Addiction. Mental illness. Death. Divorce. Betrayal. Violence. Suicide attempts. Felony charges. Rehab. Drug overdoses. Jail. Oh yeah, and there’s some sex and rock ‘n’ roll in there, too. But I’m going to tell you how it all happened. Maybe when I’m done you’ll understand some of the weirder parts of the story, like the reason I walked away from my daughter to voluntarily serve time in prison,” the excerpt from “Never Too Late” reads.

Amber Portwood was thrust into the spotlight when she found herself young and pregnant. MTV chronicled her story on the first season of “16 and Pregnant,” well before anyone knew that the show would become such a huge hit. Of course, the show took off and out of the six original participants, four of them (including Amber Portwood) were picked to continue chronicling their stories on “Teen Mom.”

Throughout the show, Amber Portwood was always viewed as the most troubled of the girls. It was obvious she had anger issues and even hit the father of her daughter on camera. It seems that when that segment aired, things started to go downhill big time for Portwood who found herself in trouble for hitting Gary Shirley. Soon enough, her issues with drugs were revealed and she signed over custody of her daughter to Gary. Eventually, Amber Portwood realized that she couldn’t overcome her addiction alone and chose to go to prison to get help.

Obviously, this is a decision that many people criticized, but no one understands Amber Portwood’s decision. That is one reason why she is writing this book to allow people to see things from her perspective and to understand her choice.

Amber Portwood was released from prison early for good behavior and, although she has had a book deal for quite some time, she never felt she had a reason to use it. Now, however, she knows that she does and is exited to share her story with the world.

Starcasm released a second excerpt from the book which read, “What makes me completely fulfilled is the love I have with Leah and the emotions I feel when I’m with her. She’s really holding onto me, and I’m holding onto her too. It makes me feel like everything is worth something. Leah reminds me every day not just of my responsibilities as a parent and a person, but of the joy I’m capable of feeling. For the first time in my life, I see the point in everything. I finally believe I can be happy.”

The book is set to be released August 26 and will be released by the same publisher that released Kailyn Lowry’s book. You can preorder “Never Too Late” on Amazon.

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