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Excerpt from Cat, Charmed: second novel in the Whitfield Witch series

silly writers.
silly writers.
Christine Cacciatore

So, sure, anyone could put out the prologue of their book as a teaser. We did, after all.

But what about those authors who live on the edge? Who think, nay KNOW, that they could pull material from the MIDDLE of their novel to tease prospective readers' palates? Especially those of you who enjoy snappy, witty dialogue with a magical, mystical twist. Well, fasten your seatbelts.

Here's the excerpt de jour from two up and coming authors: (us, silly.)

She rolled over onto her back and held the phone up above her face with two hands. Want to see you? A warm frizzle of excitement ran through her. That sounded promising. She rolled back over and texted back.
Cat: I’m home now.
His response came almost immediately.
Devin: What you doing?
Cat: Waiting for you to want to see me.
There was a pause, probably only a minute or so, where Cat wished there was a recall button. Why would she say something like that? What kind of girl was she turning into?
Devin: Oh, I want to see you. All of you.
Her insides felt as if she had swigged liquor, warm pooling in places newly awakened. Her phone pinged another message.
Devin: What are you wearing?
She looked down at her comfies and typed.
Cat: Silk pajamas, matching undies. Just took a hot bath.
Devin: What color?
Cat: What color do you wish they were?
Devin: You’re killing me. I can only imagine how soft they feel.
Cat: Come on over and feel it yourself.
Devin: I’ve been in your driveway. Open the door.
Cat sat straight up. Her hair pins had started falling out as she had rolled around on the bed. Her yoga pants had crept up; her thick socks had pulled down, making her feet look twenty inches long. She heard his soft knock on the door.
Oh, crap.
Silk pajamas? Not even close. This is what happened to dishonest people, she thought, as she ran into the bathroom, yanking the blackhead strips from her nose, wincing in pain. She grabbed her robe, cupped her hand and smelled her breath.
Oh, yes, so sexy, she thought, running downstairs. She hoped Devin could take a joke.
She ran back into the bedroom, slipping a bit on the wood floor, grabbed her phone and started down the stairs. Should she tell him she wasn’t ready? Take some time to look a little more, well, presentable?
She could hear his gentle knock and texted.
Cat: Costume change. Be there in a moment.
Costume change? Ugh. For someone who liked to be in control of things, this did not feel like control. At all. A hair pin tinked as it fell onto the floor.
Standing in front of her door, she looked down at herself. Well, at least the hot bath was true. Putting her hand on the doorknob, she began to turn it. Then stopped.
Laughing, she closed her eyes, imagined what she wanted to look like and focused.

Want to read more? Of course you do. What did she change into? What was she wearing when she finally opened the door for Devin?

Cat, Charmed, is available on, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

You know you want to.

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