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Excellent online resource for Colorado wildflower identification

Alpine forget-me-nots
Alpine forget-me-nots


  • kk 5 years ago

    very cool site!

  • Shelly 5 years ago

    Great site! I have it bookmarked and already identified the Alpine Fireweed flowers growing in my yard. Thanks!

  • Lane 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. Great resource. Too bad it doesn't come as an iphone app to take on the go!

  • Carol 5 years ago

    The library says that if you return those books they won't press charges! :)

  • Wellington 5 years ago

    Just discovered your column and enjoyed it very much. Good wildflower site, by the way.

  • Dodger 5 years ago

    The Audubon Society has their wildflower field guide as an iphone app. Just Google "wildflower iphone app".

  • sue 5 years ago

    I love all flowers---thanks for the site!

  • Herman 5 years ago

    Great info!

  • Ryan 5 years ago

    I want to go back to Crested Butte and go on all of the other wildflower hikes we didn't get to go on!

  • JD 5 years ago

    Very nice, thank you for making it all so accessible. Do you have any suggestions for guides on edible/medicinal plants in the Colorado region? Thank you!

  • Deb/Denver Hiking Examiner 5 years ago

    Ok, this website is awesome, thanks for the tip!!!!

  • Kathy H 5 years ago

    JD, I found and it looks accurate at first glance (from my little knowledge of edibles). Thanks for reading, everyone.

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