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Excellent online resource for Colorado wildflower identification

Alpine forget-me-nots
Alpine forget-me-nots

Our home bookshelves host at least three different guides to Colorado wildflowers, and this time of year, we use them quite a bit. After just about every evening walk or weekend hike as a family, we come home to research a new plant we saw along the trail. (Click here to read about the peak of the Colorado wildflower season.)

Just one of many wildflower photos available at
Photo used with permission, copyright Mary L. Dubler

But a friend who was visiting recently asked me about a particular wildflower, and I couldn’t find a photo or description that fit in any of the guidebooks. So I went online and stumbled across a wonderful resource:

The site is a “comprehensive photo collection of wildflowers found in Colorado,” and features some outstanding photography, which helped me identify the flower we were searching for right away.

  • Be sure to view the slideshow below for just a sampling of the photos available at

I highly recommend this site to anyone who loves Rocky Mountain wildflowers; bookmark it! (Note: The site does not provide any detailed information about the flowers; it is solely for flower-identification purposes.)

You can search the site by color of wildflower or by using the complete index.

I spoke with the owner of the site, Mary L. Dubler, about the project, and she said the site has been up for nearly two years now. Her hobby of photographing and identifying wildflowers began in the spring of 1995 when she lived in the mountains near Red Feather Lakes. As she accumulated more and more photos, she realized that her collection could be very useful for someone who was trying to identify wildflowers. (It was!)

You can order a CD of Mary’s wildflower photographs (more than 750 photos included, $8 plus shipping and tax) by e-mailing Mary at

Mary has also written a book for children, Rocky Mountain Wildflowers, A Guide for Kids, published by Pronghorn Press. Read more about the book here.

Watch the slideshow below of beautiful Colorado wildflower photos, published here with permission from

Read more of my posts about Colorado wildflowers here.

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  • kk 5 years ago

    very cool site!

  • Shelly 5 years ago

    Great site! I have it bookmarked and already identified the Alpine Fireweed flowers growing in my yard. Thanks!

  • Lane 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. Great resource. Too bad it doesn't come as an iphone app to take on the go!

  • Carol 5 years ago

    The library says that if you return those books they won't press charges! :)

  • Wellington 5 years ago

    Just discovered your column and enjoyed it very much. Good wildflower site, by the way.

  • Dodger 5 years ago

    The Audubon Society has their wildflower field guide as an iphone app. Just Google "wildflower iphone app".

  • sue 5 years ago

    I love all flowers---thanks for the site!

  • Herman 5 years ago

    Great info!

  • Ryan 5 years ago

    I want to go back to Crested Butte and go on all of the other wildflower hikes we didn't get to go on!

  • JD 5 years ago

    Very nice, thank you for making it all so accessible. Do you have any suggestions for guides on edible/medicinal plants in the Colorado region? Thank you!

  • Deb/Denver Hiking Examiner 5 years ago

    Ok, this website is awesome, thanks for the tip!!!!

  • Kathy H 5 years ago

    JD, I found and it looks accurate at first glance (from my little knowledge of edibles). Thanks for reading, everyone.

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