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Excel Tip: How to Scale Printing

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Many Excel spreadsheets can use multiple pages of paper to print. However, when you scale the printing, you can print much more, using much less paper. This Excel tip will show you how to scale printing using various versions of Excel.

Excel spreadsheets can get very large, very quickly. And, how do you fit all of that information on one page? Well, you may need more than one page, but Excel allows you to scale your data as much as you need.

Excel 2007 & 2010 & 2013:

Click on the Page Layout Tab

In the Scale to Fit area, change the percentage to a smaller number or use the "Width" and "Height" fields to select the number of pages to force Excel to scale the printing.

Excel 2003 and older:

To scale your spreadsheet, follow these steps:

Choose File | Page Setup

Select the "Page" Tab (Should be the Default Tab)

In the Scaling area of the dialog window, specify how you would like to scale the document. You have the option to scale to a percentage or fit to a certain number of pages that you wish.

Once you have chosen the Scaling options, I recommend to click on the Print Preview button to make sure the spreadsheet will print how you would like.

Should you need to make changes, simply Close the Print Preview window and you will return to the Page Setup to make any necessary adjustments prior to printing.

NOTE: I do not recommend scaled printing for final presentations. Many people will not be able to read the smaller print. However, scaled printing is a great option while working on a current spreadsheet or to use when you simply need back-up documentation.

I hope this Excel tip has helped your spreadsheets look nicer.

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