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Examining what’s keeping you from that next great position

Well, you’ve been looking for quite some time now with little or no success. What is the barrier between you and that perfect position you seek? Well is it simply that no position is perfect. You will have to be flexible and decide what’s really important to you.
You want to work for a great company, have a big office and make a lot of money. Or, do you want to manage your own schedule, travel a lot for work and have a corporate credit card? These are all good things to want and believe it or not, depending on your chosen field, not out of the question. However, in the search for that next great position, you must quickly distinguish between wants and those things that you truly need to be successful and flourish in your new position.
You are the best judge of what truly motivates you to strive to do your best. You know the absolute bottom line as far as salary and you know you will not get out of bed for a penny less. Well, guess what? You may have to start at that number and work your way up.
This remains a highly competitive market and if your job search seems to have hit a wall, then you have to either go over the wall, or break through it and that includes removing any and all obstacles…even if the obstacle is you and your unrealistic expectations.

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