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Examining the NCAA men's basketball field of 68

The NCAA unveiled its 2014 men's basketball bracket on March 16, and to no surprise No. 1 Florida got the top-seed in the tournament. Wichita State, Virginia and Arizona are the other No. 1 seeds.

Top-seeds Second-seed Third-seed

Florida Gators (31-2) : South Villanova (28-4): East Syracuse (27-5): South

Arizona Wildcats (30-3): West Wisconsin (26-8): West Duke (26-8): Midwest

Wichita State (34-0): Midwest Kansas (24-9): south Iowa State (26-7): East

Virginia (28-6): East Michigan (25-8): Midwest Creighton (26-7): West

Fourth-seeds Fifth-seed Sixth seed

UCLA (26-8): South VCU (26-8): South Ohio State ( 25-9): South

San Diego State (29-4): West Oklahoma (23-9): West Baylor (24-11): West

Michigan State (26-8) : East Cincinnati (27-6): East North Carolina (23-9): East

Louisville (29-5): Midwest Saint Louis (26-6): Midwest Massachusetts (24-8): Midwest

Seventh-seeds Eighth-seeds Ninth-seeds

New Mexico (27-6): South Memphis (23-9): East George Washington (24-8): East

Oregon (23-9): West Kentucky (24-10): MW Kansas State (20-12): MW

Connecticut (26-8): East Colorado (23-11): South Pittsburgh (25-9): South

Texas (23-10): Midwest Gonzaga (28-6): West Oklahoma State (21-12): West

10th-seed 11th-seed 12th-seed

Stanford (21-12) :South Dayton (23-10): South Stephen F. Austin (31-2): South

BYU (23-11): West Nebraska (19-12):West North Dakota St. (25-6): West

St. Joseph’s (24-9) : East Providence (23-11):East Harvard (26-4): East

Arizona State (21-11): Midwest Iowa (20-12): Midwest North Carolina St. (21-13): MW

Tennessee (21-12): Midwest Xavier (21-12): MW

13th-seeds 14th-seeds 15th-seeds

Tulsa (21-12): South Western Michigan (23-9): South Milwaukee (21-13):East

New Mexico State (26-9): West Louisiana-Lafayette (23-11): West Wofford (20-12): MW

Delaware (25-7): East Mercer (26-8): MW Eastern Kentucky (24-9):South

Manhattan (25-7): Midwest North Carolina Central (28-5):East American (20-12): West


Weber State (19-11): West

Coastal Carolina (21-12): East

Albany (18-14): South

Mount Saint Mary’s (16-16):South

Cal Poly (13-19): Midwest

Texas Southern (19-14): Midwest

Biggest Surprise: Kansas State (20-12) in the field. The Wildcats have a RPI of 51 , BPI of 49 and 20 wins, which is good enough to put you on the bubble. Kansas State is just 5-5 in their last 10 games and has lost three straight. The Wildcats do have wins over Kansas, Iowa State, Texas, Oklahoma State, Gonzaga, George Washington and Oklahoma. But they have losses to Charlotte and Georgetown and are 2-7 in true road games as well as 4-9 in road/neutral court games.

Most disappointing: Green Bay, Toledo and Southern Miss didn’t get into tournament. Each of the three teams won their respective conference regular season and earned at least 25 victories but were probably mainly denied due to their weak strength of schedule.

Best/worst of the seeds

No. 1: All four teams that received a number one seed deserved the top spots. Florida right now looks like the best team but Virginia might have the easiest road. Biggest surprise will be if Arizona doesn’t reach the Final Four.

No. 2: Worst: Kansas is battled tested as the Jayhawks are 12-7 against Top-50 RPI teams. The Jayhawks are one of the top-scoring teams (79.6), which ranks 22nd in the nation but they will be without freshman sensation Joel Embiid. Kansas gives up 70 points a game and has surrendered 90 points in two of the past three games. The Jayhawks have nine losses.

Best: Villanova: The Wildcats play the best defense of the No. 2 seeds and have a pretty good offensive team (78.5 ppg).Villanova is 9-2 in last 11 contests and is 7-3 versus NCAA tournament teams this year. The bad is Villanova has been handily defeated by Creighton twice.

No. 3 Best: Iowa State has won 8-of-10 including four in a row. The Cyclones can score the basketball (82.9 ppg) and has 12 victories over top-50 teams.

Worst: Syracuse has lost 5-of-7 and is only averaging 68.2 points a game. The Orange is also a poor rebounding team.

No . 4 Best: Michigan State has lost just games when they have had all five of their top players. The Spartans play tough defense and average 76.2 points a game.

Worst: San Diego State doesn’t shoot the ball or score the ball well enough.

No. 5 Best: Oklahoma has eight wins versus top-50 teams and averages 82.2 points a game. Worst: Saint Louis has lost four-of-five games and does not score much (70.0ppg).

No. 6 Best: Baylor Worst: Massachusetts

No. 7 Best: All four teams have the ability to win a game in the tournament. Worst: Texas

No. 8 Best: Kentucky: The Wildcats are very talented but are a young team. Kentucky is an excellent rebounding team and has won 3-of-past 5 games. Nine of Kentucky’s losses have been by 10 or less points, which includes two overtime losses.

Worst: Colorado finished in a five-way tie for third place in the Pac-10. The Buffaloes are just 3-4 in their past seven games and are 8-9 in road/neutral contests. Four of Colorado’ s 11 losses have been by 15 or more points, which includes a 63-43 loss to No. 4 Arizona in the Pac-10 semifinals.

Colorado ranks 187th in the nation in scoring (70.9) and 209th in field goal percentage (43.7 ).

No.9 Best: Oklahoma State has a slight edge over Pittsburgh as a result of the Cowboys being 5-2 in their last seven games and both losses coming in overtime. Oklahoma State also has one of the best guards in the tournament in Marcus Smart.

Worst: Kansas State has lost three straight games and four of the Wildcats 12 have been by 15 points.

Kansas State is 211th in the nation in scoring (69.7), 110th in the nation in rebounding (36.0) and 212th in field goal percentage (43.6).

No. 10 All four of the No. 10 seeds are decent teams but the best by a very slim margin is probably BYU because of their offensive proficiency.


No. 11 With the four first round games there are five 11 seeds.

Best: Dayton Worst: Nebraska

No. 12 There are five No. 12 seeds with North Carolina State and Xavier playing in the first round.

Best: Harvard Worst:

No 13: Best: New Mexico State due to size inside. Worst: Tulsa is the only non-No. 1 or No. 2 seed to win their conference tournament. The Golden Hurricanes won C-USA as a No. 4 seed.

No. 14 Best: North Carolina Central is on a 19-game winning streak and is 2-2 against teams that advanced to the NCAA tournament teams. The Eagles are seventh in the country in defense.

No. 15 Best: Eastern Kentucky Worst: Milwaukee

No. 16 Best: Weber St. Worst :Cal Poly

Most bids: Big 12 with seven.

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