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Examining the future of home security

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“The future of home security is you.” Just reading that causes apprehension. What is the strange new world that will require me to outfit my home with biometric scanning devices in order to ward off evil? Will they really be effective?

In the future, keeping your family safe will require a plethora of wired and wireless monitoring devices. Bio sensors will allow your house to recognize you, and elemental sensors will determine whether the environment is safe within your home. Night vision cameras will upload information to the cloud so you can keep tabs on who is coming and going at your house no matter where you are in the world. There may even be wearable access to critical systems within your home, such as your thermostat or refrigerator. No more wondering who is messing with the temperature controls! And we’re already starting to see home security devices, such as garage door openers and deadbolts, that can be remotely accessed from your smartphone.

Once you have your home outfitted with all these devices, they can learn who belongs there and who doesn’t. Homeowners can be granted full access to all systems, and once your system learns your ways it can emulate you when you are on vacation. Children and their friends can be given limited access and limited control, and a built-in curfew notification system can alert parents to kids who aren’t where they are supposed to be. Systems can even be adapted to feed and water your pets, let them in and out of your home, and alert you if they are lost or sick.

You can even set systems to adapt to a party or strangers such as housekeepers. You will be able to determine the level of control and access each visitor in your home has. Learn more from the interactive version of this infographic by clicking here.