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Examining the authenticity of the relationship

Are you trying to decide if the relationship is real or fantasy? Is your partner putting forth more or less effort? Or is it just a one sided relationship? Examining the authenticity of the relationship will help you decide to stay or to move on. 8 Tips to determining the authenticity of the relationship.

1. Who’s calling who or is anyone calling you? If you’re calling most of the time, then who's calling you?

2. If you are expressing yourself more and reaching out more, then you may want to examine this.

3. When you call, is the person returning your call?

4. Does it feel like the person only contacts you, when they’re having a moment, or because they’re genuinely thinking about you, because if they thought about you when you called, they would have returned your call?

5. How proactive is the person you’re with?

6. Is the person interested in your needs or only in their wants?

7. Does the person seem to genuinely care about your day to day?

8. Do you matter?

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